1. Didn’t Jim’s comment about the ugly clown picture (“Finally…got it off the wall”) seem ad-libbed? Having that picture at the garage sale was a fun throw-back to when he bought his parents’ house for him and Pam. But wouldn’t Pam already know it was off the wall? She lives there, after all!

    And it was insightful to see everyone’s “junk” – gives you an extra glimpse into their lives.

  2. They should have left Dwight and the pie with Stanley in. The look on Stanley was funny.

  3. I love the Gabe scene because Gabe doing Erin’s job is pretty much like me doing my own job.

  4. @#1 Yeah, that definitely sounded like John talking to Jenna. Even her laugh sounded different.

  5. yeah, it sounded a lot more like John talking to Jenna, but it was kind of cute. And Gabe’s scene made me hate him even more. He’s so insulting to Erin.

  6. @#1, I took it more as Jim was saying it jokingly, like, “Finally!” They laughed because it was possibly a running joke in their house.

  7. @#6 It seems a lot more likely that John, seeing a prop he probably hasn’t seen in over 2 years, would make that comment.

  8. I like the second deleted scene because even though I’m happy that the Scranton gang chose to help him come up with different ways for him to propose to Holly, I like to think that at the end the idea of decorating the Annex with candles was ultimately his own.

  9. Buhaha, I love Gabe. “Sealed with a Kiss. My own personal touch.” I would totally do something like that!

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