1. You’re welcome, Melissa! I had a ton of people ask me when it would be available, so I figured the answer deserved its own post. :)

  2. How many episodes are in the season, just curious. I saw the entire season was $30, so I assume there are at least 15.

  3. I’m really curious to see if people’s opinions change with more viewings. I remember thinking Conflict Resolution was too tense and not funny enough the first time I watched it, but then it got better and better after a couple more viewings.

  4. OOoooo, guess i gotta buy it now…or whenever I get some money to buy it, haha…this episode was too funny and good. I’m still laughing at the Gaydar and Big Tuna jokes, haha, oh man. :) :)



    Tanster, thanks for this link. Because I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE!!! Not me fave but now, it might become it because i gotta watch it more than once. =]

  6. NSpector, I feel the same way. I did not like Conflict Resolution at first, but now, it’s my ringtone (where Michael is listing all of Jim’s pranks on Dwight). Now, I need to get more money.

    Jennie, it DOES DESERVE it’s own post. Like, this morning, I thought it was terrible & now I REALLY wanna get it! I’ve watched all your links to the deleted scenes and whatnot. I liked Meredith’s. “Why are all the cute single guys, gay?”
    ahh, true true. =]

    Thanks again.

    Sorry, that first post made me sound like an overly obsessed fangirl.
    Nope, I’m just obsessed a little bit. Nope, a lot. =]

  7. Hey, curious:
    If you buy entire seasons at once you get a discount. So, never use season pass prices as a basis for number of episodes.

  8. Can people please praise iTunes more? I don’t know about you but I’m into the free market system.

  9. iTunes isn’t always the best…..

    I purchased the new Gay Witch Hunt video. The download started and was approaching the end. It was in the “processing file” stage. iTunes then crashed.

    So I re-opened iTunes and saw that it wasn’t in my library. I then did the “Check For Purchases” thing and it says I’ve download everything.

    So right now i’m out $1.99, contacting Apple a lot, and most importantly, without a copy of Gay Witch Hunt. This sucks.

  10. I don’t know Calvin, I can’t imagine the price per episode falling much below $1.20 each – additional competition or not. Besides, just because they hold a competitive advantage doesn’t mean it’s not a free market system.

  11. Oh man, that sucks Travis! Apple should at least refund your money and give you the episode for free! That would be nice of them….hopefully they will. :) Good luck anyhow.

  12. Thanks for the sympathy!! =D
    I’ll post a comment once I get a response from them.
    Thank god for Tivo!

  13. I once downloaded a free video from iTunes, and they accidentally charged me a penny for it. They caught the error, refunded my penny, and gave me a free song. Oh and the videos are now higher resolution than they were last season 640X480).

    Travis, if Apple doesn’t refund your money or give you a new episode, let us know so we can help yell at them out for you.

  14. one down side to the itunes purchase…no extras like on the dvd’s. bummer. wish itunes had that option later after season is over…..;(

  15. Yay! They re-enabled it for re-download and I now have the Gay Witch Hunt “goodness”.

    Chrissie: I would get the season pass, but I’m a little low on money.

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