New Office video clips

Thanks to Jill for the tip on the cast interviews!


  1. guys, are you reading the Greg Daniel’s blog? OMG, great stuff

    September 21, 09:50 PM

    next week’s episode
    Next week, we are following Michael and Dwight on a trip to the paper industry convention in Philadelphia where they will interact with Jim and the Stamford manager. Michael has some issues with Jim leaving, and Jim is trying to get news of certain individuals who work in Scranton. And Pam goes on a date with someone new.

    read more here:

  2. The deleted scenes were awesome! I think the only reason they didn’t make the final show was because they had so much other “information” they had to fit in. I’m glad they posted the deleted scenes so soon…I love Pam’s firey talking head scene.

  3. Man, when are we going to see more of Pam’s new guy? I’ve always thought men who organized luaus were soooo attractive.

  4. Yeah, seems like if they had 30 minutes (a real 30 minutes) that last night’s episode would have been more successful.

  5. The deleted scene with Pam totally should have made it. It would have made more people accept the episode I think. It’s a documentary, so they can only show what they film, and Pam and Jim are not talking.

    Does anyone else wonder if the (new) kiss was “edited by the documentary crew”, or if Jim really just rolled over like that?

  6. The scene with Michael and Jan on the phone was so funny. I can’t believe that was cut out. They should have at least put that in another episode.

  7. Did anyone else think that the two minute replay video was better than the actual episode?? I don’t know, on a small scale, the tone was better in the short version. Anyone???

  8. You know the show’s getting too popular for its own good when every other fan thinks they can do a better job than the show’s creators themselves. *sigh* I enjoyed it and the boardroom scenes had me laughing out loud. I just don’t think anything could live up to fan’s expectations. And it’s like John said in his interview – they write the show to be real to the characters and storylines, not because they think it’s what the fans or NBC think Should Happen. :)

  9. Whoa, Jenna’s in her “Office” gear YET sporting a ponytail – does this mean we’ll be seeing Pam in a ponytail soon?

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