Gene Stupnitsky in Chicago tonight

I’ve just been told that ‘The Office’ writer Gene Stupnitsky will be accepting an award at the Chicago International Film Festival tonight, and a request is going out there to any Tallyheads that may be attending to film Gene’s award acceptance if possible.

Details are sketchy since it’s a bit last minute, but the award is called the “Silver Hugo” and is for “best television production.”

Thanks, Chicago Tallyheads! And congratulations, Gene!


  1. Aw, I’m a Chicago Tallyhead, but the event is now Sold Out! I’m really bummed, but still happy that Gene is getting a “Silver Hugo” — Congrats, Gene!

  2. AWWW! It’s sold out! I’m from Chicago… SO wish I could’ve been there.

  3. damn this being sick thing!!! I would so go… sold out schmold out. Congrats Gene!

  4. Gene’s in Chicago?! It’s too bad we didn’t know about this beforehand. Congrats to Gene on the award!

  5. Man am I mad I didn’t know about this! My friend just called me to tell me that Greg Daniels was there as well… and that he won an award too! Apparently his acceptance speech was quite funny as well. Boo on missing this. :(

    *Also, to clarify, my friend wasn’t actually there (otherwise, she told would have gotten something — pictures, video). She works for a production company and some of her colleagues were there.

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