GMMR interviews David Denman

Give Me My Remote scores another exclusive interview, this time with The Office’s David Denman (“Roy”).

An excerpt:

“One of the things that I have spoken to the writers and Greg Daniels about was that we really only show one side of Roy, and it’s not a pretty one. So it would be nice to actually see some other sides … Roy doesn’t think about a lot of things that he should to be Pam’s partner, so maybe he’ll start thinking about things more next season.”

Read Part 1 of the interview here. Watch for Part 2 tomorrow. Nice job, GMMR!


  1. Wow-that was pretty long and it was only part 1! I’m excited to see what else he has to say.

  2. This is the second time I’ve seen mention of Roy working harder in his relationship with Pam next season. I believe Jenna also said this in her E! interview with Kristen. While of course I want Jam together, this is probably the best way to go for the sake of the show. I guess Jim went to Australia and Pam and Roy postponed the wedding, but are still together. Then this season we’ll see her struggling a little more overtly to decide between the guy she really wants to be with and the guy she has spent so much of her life with so far. As long as I get to see another hot Jam kiss sometime this season I’ll be okay… :)

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