Reminder: John Krasinski chat this morning

A reminder that the John Krasinski live chat at the GoldDerby will be in about an hour.

The chat room is already open and filling up.

Tom O’Neil, the chat’s moderator, is reporting that John will be arriving at the chat a little early. He is also reporting that he has disabled the ability for new users to sign up.

Click here for more information.

Don’t worry if you can’t get in; GMMR and I are already in the chat room, and we will try to capture the highlights. :)


  1. I missed it! I came in just as he was saying goodbye. Now I am sad. Why did I have to forget?!?!

  2. John and his publicist, Rebecca, did a great job dealing with some technical difficulties. John couldn’t access the chatroom, so he answered questions through Rebecca. He answered my question! So good day for me!

  3. Rebecca was awesome!
    John was just ‘meh’.

    hahahahhah NO! I’m kidding!!!! :)

  4. I was there, too. I thought it went pretty well, considering the difficulties.

  5. I got kicked out of the chat at one point and lost the conversation. What did he say about when Jim cried on Casino Night?

  6. When do you think they’ll have a transcript of the chat up? I mean, i haven’t checked, but just wondering if anyone had some info on that. I wasn’t able to chat, unfortunately, but i bet it was awesome! Of course, it’s John!

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