1. I finally got around to watching a rerun and the one I watch would have a promo in it! I was so excited. I didn’t know if it was new or not though. I love it though, “Are you sure you aren’t the voice of the Taco Bell dog.” I’ll be looking around for a clip as well!

  2. So jealous! I didn’t see it here in the Central Time Zone and I was really hoping we’d see something soon. I can’t wait to see it!


    Perhaps the ‘Andy struggles with heterosexuality’ thing in the synopsis was a sarcastic reference to Michael’s rumor mill…

  4. I can not wait. I’m too excited to properly express through text.

    Also, speaking of what comes on “after” The Office, I have a feeling Community will have to be added to “The Annex”. I’ve already seen the pilot and I loved it.

  5. I am so excited for season 6!!!! This promo made me even more excited. Is it September 17 yet?

  6. Most excellent! These scenes (even though they are snippets), remind me of season 2. Oh, and “she’s an anorexitic,” hahaha!

  7. It’s kinda funny that they think Oscar is the voice of the Taco Bell dog, because Oscar Nuñez was in an episode of ‘Reno 911!’ with Carlos Alazraqui, who does do the voice.

  8. If you notice real closely, the asian guy in the other show that says “F and F” is the same guy who was in improv class with Michael back in season 2 in the episode “Email Surveillance”.

  9. 22, Audrey – you’re right; that’s Ken Jeong, who’s also been in a lot of popular movies lately (including The Hangover and Pineapple Express). Just FYI. :)

    I squealed like a little girl when I saw this promo the other night. It’s ridiculous how excited I am! Season 6 is going to be epic.

  10. I thought Jim and Pam were going to try to keep the pregnancy a secret. Maybe they had to tell HR and word got to Michael..? Actually I have no idea… the writers just like to mess with us.

    I wonder why everyone is so excited…

    And… poor Andy.

  11. I love this promo.

    I’m guessing Jim and Pam have to tell Michael because he’s their boss and needs to know about maternity leave and everything.

    It looks like everyone is thrilled about the JAM baby. Meredith looks like she’ll burst into tears for some reason.

  12. “Did you pee on a stick?
    “I did… but it was inconclusive.”


    i loved the “pam pointing at her belly” thing.

  13. Hey i just watched the second clip of Gossip, i was think about how the episode was really going to play out with all the storylines that have been shown, like kelly’s eating disorder, Andy’s heterosexual, and of course Jim and Pam and the baby news. This kind of clears that up for me. What’s with the pee on the stick thing, i don’t get that and i didn’t find it funny, when i first saw this clip.

  14. Really #30? You don’t get it? Just think hard, it’s hysterical and honestly one of the best lines I’ve heard in a long time.

    Promos look promising, can’t wait to see the opener.

  15. Tips for this season:

    Pam’s hair back up.
    Jim being less obnoxious/annoying.
    Back to classic Dwight shown in first couple seasons.
    More interactions between minor characters.
    Pam and Jim being cute again.
    Dwangela back together.

    C’mon, Office, get rid of annoying Jim and Pam and make them cute again like seasons 1-3! And Dwangela plz. That is all.

  16. I think it looks like Pam says the word “situation.” As in, “We’ve decided to get married sooner rather than later because of our little *situation.*” Love her!

  17. did anyone else see the promo at 8:20 tonight during the Bears/Broncos game?? it looks really funny!

  18. that show community sounds awesome. That one guy is from knocked up, he played the ob doc. And yes, Oscar is definitely the voice of the taco bell dog.

  19. Is it just me, or does Jim look unhappy? Like, I know in the Michael/Jim/Pam scene, it’s supposed to be deadpan, but he just looks sad in both clips. Hmm…I think it’s time I get a new hobby. This is screwing with my brain…

  20. “Did you pee on a stick”
    “I did but it was inconclusive” This episode definitely looks promising

    I really want to know what Pam’s saying too…

  21. The Taco Bell dog line is horrendous (reminds me of some of the horrible season 5 scenes) but the pee on a stick line sounds more like a hilarious season 3 line. Hoping season 6 will be great!

  22. Whoever just suggested that Jim and Pam should persuade Michael that Jim is a pregnant man, I LOVE IT! That would be the most hilarious thing in the world! I agree that the writers are definitely up to something, Jim and Pam can’t lose their sense of humor, especially since they work at Dunder Mifflin

  23. What’s up with Jim? he looks so serious!! Is he not happy with the pregnancy??
    Really hope we get to hear what was said at the hospital on the season 5 disc.

  24. she probably looks like she might burst into tears because in season 4 she had a little a crush on jim…remember “will you sign my cast?- put it somewhere where i can read it”

    and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could watch it right now!!!

  25. @38 (Alien… BLEH), don’t forget that guy was also one of the people in Michael’s improv class from E-Mail Surveillance.

  26. Jim ALWAYS looks super serious when he’s messing with Michael/doing a smart-ass talking head- don’t worry guys, Company Picnic made it pretty clear how Jim feels about Pam’s pregnancy!
    This looks like excellent stuff, I feel that tingly premiere excitement setting in!

  27. Confirm? Now I’m worried we’ll get a just kidding, we’re not pregnant. Gay Witch Hunt all over again.

  28. You always know it will be a good episode when Michael wants someone to pee on something and he’s doing acrobatics.

  29. Sorry, can’t read all the threads to see if this has been mentioned: Has anyone noticed that in the scene where Michael appears to be rolling his chair toward the camera, the office/desks look totally rearranged! Or am I just seeing it wrong?

  30. In the fast frames, it looks like Andy must be confronting Oscar. Hmmmm… Ondy? Ancar? Hehe. Doubt they would do that with all the talk about Andy and Erin.

  31. Okay… I am probably wrong about this, but it looks to me like Pam is mouthing “It’s twins.”

    But even if she is saying that (and that’s a big “if”), she’s probably talking about the bab(ies) they may or may not be trying to convince Michael that Jim’s having. Or something else related to the “gossip” theme.

  32. Aw in that second frame it looks like Pam is looking very lovingly at Jim.

    And I love this exchange:
    MICHAEL: Did you pee on a stick?
    JIM: I did. But it was inconclusive.

  33. LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait to see more… I’m a big fan of both the US and UK versions of “The Office” and this season looks like a winner.

  34. #57, I looked at the video of Jim and Pam’s talking head over and over again, and you may be right about Pam saying “It’s twins”.

  35. It still looks like she’s saying “twins” to me, but it does seem quite possible that she’s saying “situation” (and honestly, that makes more sense). Whatever it is, I can’t wait for Sept. 17th!

  36. I think Pam definitely said ‘situation’. There’s no way they’re having twins. Which brings me to my next point, shouldn’t she have a least a small bump by now? Oh well, still can’t wait for the new season. Loved the lines about the ‘anorexitic’ and Jim being pregnant!

  37. she’s saying “it’s twins.” no doubt. “situation doesn’t make sense. she wouldn’t call her baby(ies) a situation…

  38. I knew that Michael was going to act like a big baby (no pun) over Jim and Pam’s pregnancy. Being upset that HE wasn’t told first about it.

  39. #70

    But she WOULD(or at least could) call her pregnancy a “situation.”

    And I still highly doubt she’s saying “twins.”

  40. I love behind the scenes stuff almost as much as I love episodes themselves. ;-)

    [from tanster: me too!]

  41. I think Michael is just “fishing” for gossip when he calls Jim and Pam into his office and hits the jackpot when it turns out to be true. I think that’s how her pregnancy gets revealed.

  42. I can neither confirm or deny, but if someone wants to see Pam saying.. “…. Twins” I totally see it.

  43. Meh. I really hope this doesn’t turn into the “Jim and Pam” show like the first half of Season 5. Some of us are interested in other story arcs, y’know.

  44. Two things:
    1) Is that girl that gave Dwight his water the one from Job Fair? It’s hard to tell since her hair’s blocking her face for most of it but she looked a little like that girl who talked to Oscar about interning…
    2) “Do you wanna see my rhino?” Haha I love Kevin :)

  45. I bet they’re talking about having to do the wedding sooner, due to their current “situation.”

    She’s not saying “twins.” That’d be really random and kind of lame.

  46. I don’t know if any of you have paid attention to this, but many of the grocery products in the background of the show (red cereal box on top of fridge in clip with Michael and Kevin) are from Wegmans, a large chain of grocery stores in the north east.

    I work at the largest store in central New York, but I believe that there is one in Scranton. I just love how much the people who make this show pay so much attention to obscure details such as this!


  47. #81

    I disagree. I don’t think it was the “Jim and Pam show” in the first half of season 5. IMO, the focus was mostly on Michael/Holly and Angela/Andy/Dwight.

  48. I love the behind the scenes clip! It’s like a sneak peak at the gag reel for Season 6! :-)

  49. There is a Wegmans in Scranton! I’m from the electric city and it’s my favorite place to grocery shop! The little things really do make a difference. Now maybe if they just included slightly more Scranton dialect…haha

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