1. Those were some great costumes! I love how much fun everyone always seem to have on set. Thanks for sharing, Kim!

  2. I love Kim and LaVerne’s costumes! Mindy’s was hot. 69 and 420…ohh I wish I could chill with these guys. 8)

  3. Ha ha ha the 80’s runners complete with sweat stains. That look like so much fun. Today my students came in every variation of the Heath Ledger Joker times 10, but not one musical cat.

  4. I like how Vartan the costume judge really dressed like a judge, complete with robe and briefs. I wonder if he used the squeaky gavel?

  5. I clicked through to the last pic and thought someone had raided my shoebox of school pictures. Subtract the tights,sweatbands,and racing number on Kim,that’s me in 6th grade – yikes!

  6. I think the walkmans were a nice touch. Leave it to my sister to come up with great props! Way to go Kim!

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