Happy birthday to our favorite temp

b.j. novak

Happy Birthday, B.J.!

It was way back during the fall of last year when I first became interested in The Office and found B.J.’s website.

Which lead me to MySpace, Jenna’s page, Northern Attack, the idea to start my own site, and the rest is OfficeTally history. ;)

Thanks, B.J., for igniting my obsession for The Office. Have a great day!

P.S. B.J.’s next live appearance will be “B.J. Novak and Friends” at Largo in Los Angeles on Monday, August 28th, with Mindy Kaling (“Kelly”), Craig Robinson (“Darryl”) and “surprise guests.” This has been added to the OT calendar.


  1. Happy Birthday, BJ! And thanks for sharing your time, insight & humor yesterday at USC. It was a very cool experience.

    (And if you are anywhere in the vicinity, fellow fans, Largo is an awesome, intimate club and the perfect venue…for anything…and with that line-up it’s a must-attend.)

  2. I’ve never been particularly jealous of people who live in CA. But now I am. :(

  3. i gave a birthday card yesterday at USC, he thanked me too, but also thanked me through myspace. he left me a nice message.

  4. I’m not going to say happy birthday B.J. AND Harry Potter because that’s degrading

    Happy birthday and thank you for making something better than Harry Potter and i’m sorry that you must be set next to him on this special day.

  5. I was channel surfing yesterday and stumbled onto an old episode of “Punk’d” back when BJ was on it (usually pretending to be someone). In this one he was pretending to be an FBI agent exposing a sweat ship ring at some factory making clothing designed by Jaime Pressly (the blonde actress in “My Name is Earl.”).

    It was just surreal to see them before BJ was on The Office, and Pressly was on My Name is Early, and now their shows on back-to-back. :)

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