Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Jenna Fischer

Jenna’s had a big year since her last birthday —

She starred in two major movies, broke her back, recovered, appeared in a music video, got together with Jim, was nominated for an Emmy, sashayed down a fashion runway, won another SAG award, and was chased down by the stalkerazzi … finally!

Happy Birthday, Jenna! You’re a genuine superstar. :)


  1. Happy birthday Jenna! It’s been a great week. Yesterday going back to work, today, birthday!

  2. Hey Tanster…don’t forget she was nominated for an Emmy too! Happy Birthday Jenna Fischer! Yay.

  3. Yeah, Happy Birthday to my BFF! May the next year bring you even more success, more laughs, more dreams met. We all love you!

  4. The only thing that could make this day better is ice cream.

    Happy Birthday, Jenna! Now get to work!!

  5. Happy Birthday Jenna!

    Wow! Back to work in time for you birthday. I hope you had an “Office” birthday party! Enjoy your day.

  6. Happy Birthday Jenna! Hope today is filled with everything that makes you smile!

  7. Happy,happy birthday, Jenna! Wishing you good health and a wonderful year. xo

  8. Happy birthday to Jenna! She is one of my all-time favorite actresses, and I hope she has a fantastic day!

  9. Happy Birthday to a girl who is everyone’s friend (whether she knows it or not!).

    All the best!

  10. Happy-Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great birthday and a great 2008!!

  11. Happy Birthday Jenna! She has the same birthday as my best friend, who just turned 30 today! cool

  12. Happy happy Birthday Jenna! I hope this year is just as exciting as the last. :)

  13. Happy Birthday Jenna!! You’re genuine, talented, and down-to-earth and we all love ya for it!

  14. Happy Birthday Jenna! You are my favorite TV actress and I wish you many more years (and seasons of the Office)!

  15. Happy Birthday Jenna! After work, you and Angela need to go to Target and splurge on something just for you!

  16. Yay! Happy Birthday, Jenna! You’re the absolute best, and I’m SO glad you and the rest of the cast and crew are back at work!

  17. Happy Bird-Day Jenna! Hope the coming year is fun and fabulous, just like you!

  18. Happy birthday, Jenna! We all adore you deeply, and you’re the perfect Pam. Thank you for making The Office the delightful show it is.

  19. Happy birthday Jenna! hope you have an amazing day- you most def. deserve it! :)

  20. Have a wonderful birthday! So glad you’re back to work with your Office family!

  21. Happy Birthday, Jenna. Many Happy Returns as you take another step along the pathway we call life. :)

  22. Happy bird-day Jenna! [Did someone already say that?] And I went to Chili’s tonight to celebrate!

  23. Happy Birthday! I hope you and the rest of the cast are enjoying being back together on set! Can’t wait til April 10th!

  24. Happy Birthday Jenna! Do you have any idea how much your fans love you? Have a great new year!!

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