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Jenna Fischer Willie Wisely

Update: Jenna just posted a fabulous behind-the-scenes blog about this video, including photos. Jenna’s blog

Jenna Fischer stars in a heart-stirring music video for Wisely’s first single, “Through Any Window,” from his album Wisely, to be released October 2nd.

Jenna has written many times about Willie Wisely in her MySpace blog, including:

January 2, 2007: I am shooting a music video for the Willie Wisely song “Through Any Window”. I couldn’t be more excited. This is one of my all-time favorite songs so to star in the music video is pretty cool for me. I’ve met with the writer and director on the shoot and their idea is very cool.

April 13, 2006: I LOVE this guy … Willie Wisely. His latest album Parador is great. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. He has a folksy and unique sound that reminds me of Lyle Lovett — one of my other favorites.

Link: Behind the scenes

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  1. Cool! I love Lyle Lovett so I’ll have to check this guy out! :)

  2. what a fantastic video (and song). jenna is absolutely amazing. perfection. everything.

  3. That was pretty good. I feel like I’ve heard this song before. Did Jenna have it on her myspace once? Either that or it seems like a song they’d play on Scrubs.

  4. I think this went a little over my head. Is the guy seeing his relationship through polaroids?

  5. I’ve loved this song ever since Jenna introduced it over Myspace. And what a great video for that song. Brilliant, really.

  6. I think this video just proves yet again that Jenna can not take a bad photo even when she tries. Great concept….. but seriously that girl is too beautiful it makes me want to give up on doing my makeup and hair entirely.

  7. I thought that was a lovely music video (reminds me a bit of “Memento” with all the instant photos and the sad ending). Jenna looked really beautiful :) I was just listening to LFO’s “Girl on TV” the other day (which was inspired by Jennifer Love Hewitt from “Party of Five”) and I was thinking to myself “Why isn’t there a music video with Jenna in it?”. So…thank you very much, Wisely! I think this is very cool :)

  8. Beautiful song, and having Jenna in it sure doesn’t hurt. I could tell that the video would be heartwrenching as soon as I saw her.

    No doubt the song will make it’s way on “Weeds” or “Greys Anatomy.”

    P.S. The video looks like it was shot in the same kitchen that the famous photo from Jane was shot in…

  9. I like how the person filming was also a character in the video. Yay for Jenna!

  10. Very cool video. Cooler once I found out that James hooked up Willie and John together to get John to film the video. Very cool. I love the song, too.

  11. My favorite thing about you posting this, Tanster, is that I would still really like it and check out Wisely even if I didn’t know who Jenna was – it makes the whole thing like a double-awesome-bonus.
    Really really really good song/video.

  12. 18, I was thinking it looked like her house as I remember it from “Lollilove”. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that.

  13. I’m not a huge music video fan, but I thought this one was pretty good. Could it be because Jenna Fischer was in it? Perhaps.

  14. I must be obtuse, but can someone please explain the concept to me? It’s cool that it is a single camera, single shot scene, but I just don’t get the story it is trying to tell.

  15. Hey Joan! I have my own reservations about the song’s meaning… But I suggest asking Willie Wisely himself. Check him out on MySpace. He regularly responds to messages and posts :)

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