Fancast interviews Leslie David Baker

I love reading interviews of Office cast members that we don’t normally hear from.’s Todd Gold did a nice one with Leslie David Baker:

What’s everyone like behind-the-scenes?

Brian and John love their video games. Rainn loves to play practical jokes and harass Phyllis. I like chocolate. Phyllis likes chocolate. We often go on chocolate raids wherever the chocolate may be, we would go on a chocolate raid. Let’s see. What else? Creed likes to create stories. Especially when new people come around on set just to draw them in. Phyllis and I will often wave our hands, go don’t listen to him, he’s suckering you in.

Link: Fancast Interview: The Office’s Leslie David Baker


  1. I love that. Creed makes up stories to “draw people in”. How funny. I love the chocolate raids, too. We could all use a little chocolate raid now and then.

  2. Aww I love Leslie! That was a cute interview. I was sad to learn about Phyllis’ dad, but am excited about a cast set of bobble heads (was this the mini ones we saw like Angela’s) in the fall.

  3. Leslie gave a great interview! I’ll bet his fellow cast members enjoy working with him as much or more than he enjoys working with them.

  4. What a great interview! So much interesting behind the scenes stuff in this. He’s such an accomplished man, besides being an actor he’s really well educated in a tough field. I love his portrayal of Stanley, especially those rare times that Stanley is happy about something. My husband impersonates Stanley’s mannerisms a lot (“I do not think that is funny”) to crack me up. Mostly, I just want to know what kind of vitamins Leslie takes–he looks fantastic for 50!

  5. Brian and John love their video games? I can imagine that. But I bet I’d own them at Call of Duty 4. After all, Jim IS really bad…

  6. Leslie is from Chicago!!! This pretty much sums up why Chicago is the best city ever!!!! Great interview!

  7. Woo! Leslie is awesome! I can’t wait for the bobbleheads to be released!

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