The Weekend Tally

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  1. Okay, I MUST have that Office trivia game. Only problem is, nobody I know will want to play with me! Haha.

  2. I have literally been waiting for an Office trivia game forever. Throw in an Office scene-it and my life will be complete.

  3. Tanster – I was at the Craig Robinson show last night. I’ll get you a report ASAP. :)

  4. I can’t wait for the trivia game! Every time I’m in a bookstore and pass the games, I always check just in case. Now its great to know that one day when I look, it’ll be staring right back at me. :)

  5. I can’t wait for the trivia game! I own at the one. Also, can’t wait for the Maya Rudolph/JKras collaboration. And the Best Life scans? It’s getting hot in here.

  6. Thanks for the latest Tally! Any little tidbits are like manna from heaven!! I have begun having Office dreams, I’m in such a state of withdrawal!! Any news about the NBC commercial that says the Thursday night comedies return April 3? A week earlier on the premiere would be dawesome!!

    SO anxious to hear about the show here in Pittsburgh last night! Darn snowstorm! How dare it snow in Pittsburgh in the wintertime?! :-)

    As always, thanks Tanster for being so amazing and thorough in your Office coverage! It is my first stop at work when no one is looking! :-)

    [from tanster: you are most welcome! :) ]

  7. The Office Trivia Game will be so much fun! I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve killed playing the trivia game on facebook…I’m in the top 200 though! (Unfortunately I’ve answered all of the questions and have to wait until more are created)

    I hope the game comes out before May – four of us are planning a road trip to Scranton after graduation! That would be fun to play on the way there as well as in Scranton!

  8. So, what do you think John is thinking about in those pictures? I mean, he looks pretty concerned. Maybe he’s thinking about the new trivia game.

  9. Lol @ Grant. I’m number 1 in The Office trivia on facebook, and I’m not so sure if buying that game would be good for my mental health… not to mention my social life. ;)

  10. I too got excited about the commercial on NBC that the comedies are supposedly coming back on April 3, but I think that’s only Earl and maybe another one. Wasn’t there a press release on The Office coming back April 10?

    Can’t wait for the game! I hover around #10 on the facebook version and got 100% on the latest DMI trivia task. I think I need mental help!

  11. Tanster, Had this been 8 months from now I would be able to report on any office events in da’Burgh. However seeing as that I will be 21 in 8 months, and not last night (which I am still upset about this silly rule of having to be 21 for comedy shows, or at least the good ones)I wasn’t able to attend. Once I can attend this stuff, I will be glad to be your reporter of any and all Office related Pittsburgh events.

  12. Oooh what is this facebook trivia game you all speak of? I’ve been avoiding all the new facebook add-ons like the plague for the past year or so but I might make an exception for this. How do I find it? Thanks!

  13. Megan:

    Search for Addicted to The Office. There may be others, but I know that game has been going for a while.

  14. I was just talking to my buddy about NBC releasing like a Scene It!: Office Version, and lo and behold my prays have been answered. Do you think if I wish if I will marry John Krasinski, it will come true? I’m willing to hold out for a while. LOL. Thanks for another flawless tally, Tanster! You rock my socks off!

  15. 2 things….well maybe 3

    1) I too cannot think of anyone who will indulge my Office obsession enough to play that trivia game with me… I’ll just have to buy it and play with the OTCR crowd. : )

    2) Wowza on the John pics…. just wowza

    and as always thanks for the updates Tanster! I saw a story on AOL today about Rashida’s fashion line and I literally thought to myself “Oh that’s old news.” haha

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