Happy Birthday, Melora Hardin!

The Office

And almost as if these were scheduled just for her birthday, here are some upcoming “blast from the past” Melora appearances:

– Fri Jun 29: ‘Friends,’ CW
– Mon Jul 2: ‘Murder She Wrote,’ BIOG
– Mon Jul 2: ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ Hallmark
– Wed Jul 4: ‘Monk,’ USA


  1. Happy Birthday, Melora! Put on your comfiest pair of stretch pants and have a nice, relaxing day.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    And she was in Friends? I have watched that episode a thousand times, never connected it.

  3. i saw that episode of monk. i never watch monk and i just happened to be flipping through channels and saw Melora on it and so i watched. very different than jan.

  4. melora played ross’ date on friends episode 115, hard to tell it was her so young! haha happy birthday melora!

  5. Happy birthday!

    I just missed that Friends rerun…I’ve seen the episode a million times, but not since The Office has been on the air.

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