Find Dwight and you may win a prize!

Dwight is sponsoring a fun summer contest — “Find the Bobblehead.” They’ve hidden Dwight’s bobblehead all over NBC’s primetime show websites — if you find it, you can enter to win a Season 2 DVD + Bobblehead prize package. They’re drawing winners weekly until Sept. 27th, and people can enter as many times as they find the bobblehead.

Here’s what he looks like if you find him.


  1. Also, one question: What e~mail address do we actually use to e~mail where we found it? Do you know? Thanks! :)

  2. Susan, when you find the Dwight, you have to click on him and he’ll turn around and there’ll be a entry form which is where you put your information, including your e-mail address, You don’t e-mail anyone. BTW, I think the contest is 18 and up since it’s one of the questions asked on the entry form.

  3. Heh… Tanster, you’re not a loser. ^^;; Believe me, it took me a while. It was on the freakin’ last page that I checked. LOL.

  4. This is kind of difficult. I’ve been looking for a while now and had no luck. :/

  5. Susan, when you find it, a form will pop up that you fill out with your info and submit it. It’s not just an image on the page, but a Flash object that pops up, so it won’t necessarily be there the next time you visit the same page.

  6. I feel bad because I found Dwight REALLY easily. The one I found was not even remotely hidden and on a main page. I just kind of guessed which prime time show NBC would want people to learn more about.

    Oh-and just an FYI, sometimes it won’t appear but just keep refreshing and he will be there. :) I accidentally x-ed out of it the first time and had to refresh the page to get it back.

  7. I wasn’t going to bother, but Jenna’s (#9) rationale prompted me to look. Lo and behold, I found Dwight really easily. Thanks for the hint!

    Key points from the official rules: Each weekly contest period begins on Thursday & ends on Wednesday. There are 14 contest weeks but only 13 grand prizes will be awarded, which doesn’t make sense to me. And yes, you have to be a US resident over age 18.

  8. Americans only?!

    Bah! I seriously get so tired of that. I mean Canada is considered part of the American domestic market in TV and movies, but when it comes to winning TV or movie related contested we’re definitely considered far too international.

  9. I have been looking for a really long time, but no luck. I followed Jenna’s (#9) suggestion, but nada. Is anyone else frustrated, too?

  10. I found him as well. I was already a fan of this show, so it was the first page I went to.

  11. Actually, I don’t think it’s on a specific page, I think it’s set to pop up on random pages and that it has something to do with the time spent looking for it, or the number of show pages clicked. I don’t know exactly, but it’s definitely not just on one specific page. It changes.

  12. No luck here either. I tried at least 6 shows..clicked random stuff…nothing. -_-.. I will continue the search tomorrow. lol

  13. Yay! found it. Took about 7 shows and a few refreshes to find it. I want a bobblehead!!

  14. Found it in the uber hidden location of TANSTER’S LINK. Beginner luck, I guess.

  15. I clicked and clicked, and nothing. I tried the shows i think NBC would want me to check out for the summer, and for the new season. Which browser were people using when they found him? That would suck if Dwight didn’t show up in mine (firefox) after all that.

  16. This is a pretty neat contest. I found him pretty easily too. Think of a typical night of Primetime NBC TV. It’s a show they push. A lot.

  17. Got it!!! A hint is that they played a preview of it on last night’s Office marathon.

  18. Heh… it’s pops up on different shows, no matter what, so I don’t think there’s a specific formula or clue to find it. For example, I found it on the Scrubs page which isn’t new and not exactly a hard-hitting show. So, keep trying and don’t forget to check out the “old” shows, too.

  19. Jaime, I’m really frustrated too! I haven’t found it at ALL, and I don’t know what’s going on! Earlier I looked at every single freaking show on there and refreshed the page every time I was there… It’s always supposed to be on the main pages, right??

  20. I found it once yesterday and once today. Two random reality shows. I just kept clicking.

    Well, the first link I clicked, I found it. The second time I had to look around.

    Can you find it more than once in a day? Are they hidden within the pages of each show?

  21. Susan (#24), I found him tonight on one of the reality show main pages. Just keep clicking refresh. :)

  22. YEA! i found it! he was on the top of the my name is earl page! im gonna keep lookin ;)

  23. I won this past week’s contest! They sent out an email yesterday and I was kind of suspicious, but the email/name checked out and guess what? I got m bobble head and season two DVD today! Just a few minutes ago. I’m super excited!

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