John Krasinski this week

TV appearances

  • Mon June 25:
    John Krasinski and cast of License to Wed hosts MTV, 9pm ET.
  • Tue June 26:
    John Krasinski on ‘Access Hollywood.’ Video
  • Tue June 26:
    John Krasinski on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman.’ Video
  • Thu June 28:
    John Krasinski and Mandy Moore on ‘The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.’
  • Thu Jun 28, 8:30pm – 10pm:
    The Office Marathon hosted by John Krasinski, Angela Kinsey, and Brian Baumgartner. Includes Office Olympics, Booze Cruise, and The Secret.
  • June 30-July 1 weekend:
    John Krasinski and cast of License to Wed hosts Comedy Central’s ‘SuperSensational Summer Spectacular.’

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  1. I dont have a link, but I saw a commercial on comedy central saying that they were gonna host that marathon.

  2. I can’t give you a website, but I was watching Fox yesterday, and a commercial for The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet came on. They said in the commercial that John and Mandy will be on Thursday.

  3. John (and some others, I think) are hosting Thursday’s Office marathon. My birthday is Wednesday, and all this John action is the perfect gift!

  4. A little video talking about their appearance on The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet Thursday.

  5. hey, apster! my birthday is wednesday as well… what a gift- jkras premiere!

  6. Last night during Age of Love on NBC, they did a promo for John hosting The Office marathon this Thursday (don’t ask why I was watching Age of Love – summer programming sucks). The gist of it was “When we asked John Krasinski to host this week’s Office marathon, this is what he had to say…” and then it was a string of clips of Jim saying “Wow” as he so often does. They didn’t mention Brian and Angela but perhaps they’ll be in smaller bits (like Angela’s scene with Toby during the HR nightmare-a-thon).

  7. The listings on my TV say John will be on the Today show tomorrow (Wednesday) but I can’t find anything on the Today show’s website about it. Last week it was listed as one of his appearances on but today when I searched for it, it was gone. So who knows? I’m going to DVR it just in case…

  8. there was just a cute interview on access hollywood where they showed john pictures from when he was a camp counselor at 16- one picture was in a dr seuss hat, and one was in a pearl jam t-shirt, and then they gave him a similar t-shirt. Mandy said “he looks exactly the same” and john said something to the reporter like “you go deep…are you connected to the mafia?”

  9. I love that John’s appearances often times hinge on the host “getting him” and when they don’t–it’s endearing to his fans.

    *When Kelly (“Regis & Kelly”) misinterprets John’s comment about the British show being “perfect” as if he labelled the American version this way.
    *When Conan “remembers” inaccurately that John comes from a “big family” like Conan’s–if you call 3 brothers “big”–then okay.
    *When John’s charm and goodwill almost gets him in trouble with Letterman–but he pulls it off by naming Dave a funnier person than Robin Williams. Nice.

  10. john was absolutely amazing on dave tonight. he had stories that i hadn’t heard of either which was of course a plus

  11. John was funny on Letterman, especially his story about trying to tend bar at a trendy New York nightspot. … Is it just me or does he seem so Jim-like in those clips of License to Wed? Maybe I’m totally off base.

  12. This may be too analytical, but a couple of things about the Letterman appearance.

    1) Amanda Peet was not promoting anything except summer re-runs of the cancelled ‘Studio 60’ (which blows, might I add), and she gets the lead guest spot over Krasinski?

    2) Not a word mentioned about “the Office” in the actual interview. \

    I think Letterman is the greatest, but did not like Krasinski on Letterman.

  13. I thought the interview last night was great! Letterman said about 3 sentences the whole time and just let John tell a bunch of funny stories. Don’t get me wrong, I think David Letterman is hysterical, but sometimes it’s best to let the guests do all the talking.

  14. I love that video from Access Hollywood! I agree with Mandy, he does look the same almost

  15. I’m with you #17, Letterman left me a little disappointed. John was great, as usual, but the events leading up to the interview weren’t the best – especially Letterman calling him “Jason” Krasinski, twice, when announcing who was on the show! (Awkward) I could be wrong, but it looked like John was less-than-enthusiastic when he first walked out, but the interview went well after that.

    Dave just seemed a little “off” last night, IMO.

  16. wow…I think it’s hilarious that when the entertainment mafia desperately tried to turn up dirt on John, all they could find was an old camp photo. You could tell he was a little creeped out, too!

  17. The info on the digital cable guide said that John was going to be a guest on the Today show this morning. I watched for a little, but never saw him…was he really on?

  18. anyone happen to have a video of his regis and kelly appearance? i missed it, and much as i can’t stand that show, i really wanna see how john interacted with those two.

  19. Thanks for posting the Letterman interview. Letterman hasn’t been funny for about 10 years and didn’t seem to pay much attention to Krasinski but being the natural JK is he still told some amusing stories.

  20. I saw a promo for John hosting The Office marathon last night while watching Conan. It was the anouncer guy saying- what did John Krasinski say when we asked him to host the office marathon? and it showed a few clips of the classic Jim ‘wow’ but it didnt say anything about anyone else hosting with him.

  21. I could tell John was nervous to be on letterman b/c when he first walked out, he looked almost terrified. lol I thought it was adorable.

  22. OMG, I just saw a commercial on Comedy Central advertising “License to Wed,” with a tie-in contest to win a trip to Sandals Jamaica! How funny is that?!!! It’s all-inclusive!

  23. John at his finest on the Mike & Juliet show… I love it when he fake cries, he’s so funny!

  24. omg that interview with john on the morning show was absolutely adorable!!! ::sigh::

  25. Do you think we’ll be able to see the clips of John, Angela and Brian hosting?

  26. That would be Ah-may-zing.

    Ugh. Never go out on a Thursday night, what was I thinking?

  27. So anyone know where I can get my very own John Krasinski life-sized standup? LOL

    They were cute last night and I had forgotten how much I loved “Office Olympics”

  28. I can’t help it, I LOVED the cheesy hosting bits. :) I didn’t realize until I watched it the second time that John is mouthing Angela’s little speech about working with him. So cute!

  29. I loved the bits they had on during The Office last night. Angela was so cute, and John and Brian were great as well. The John cut outs were hilarious, especially Angela being so short and all. I’m glad they showed the clips that Brian and Angela were in, too.

  30. in the access hollywood clip of john krasinski…is that jenna fischer looking at the photo? they just show the back of her head and you can hear her voice, i think it sounded like her.

  31. Oh my… all this JK goodness is making me a little obsessed. Is it wrong to love a celebrity? For him to be my wallpaper on my computer? To watch every interview? Are these things unhealthy?

    I need a 12 step program…

  32. John’s hair looked so cute when he was hosting the office marathon!

    Side note: I love you Jennie!

  33. Big Turkey, I’m with you.. I feel so obsessed with him right now..I feel like all I do is watch John Krasinski stuff hahaa. You’re not alone!

  34. Nice usa today interview. I’m in the middle of a Sedaris book right now. :)

  35. There was just a question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire about The Office. The guy didn’t know it so he walked. It was easy too: What city is The Office set in?

  36. Christine– If loving JK is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right! :)

    And the USA Weekend interview as pushed me over the edge. I am now officially one of those squeeing fangirls. I’m rolling my eyes at myself…

  37. I loved the bits last night that they had with Brian, Angela, and John.
    Especially the one where Angela and Brian were standing behind the John cardboard cutouts. =P

  38. #44: I think that’s Mandy, just from the height. The girl holding the photo looks to be almost as tall as John. Jenna must still not be “up” enough to go to a premiere because you know she would have been there if the circumstances were better.

  39. of course, now that I watch it again, it does sort of look like Jenna, ha ha. probably his publicist.

  40. That new New Wave trailer makes the movie look more appealing than the other one did. Either way, i want to see this movie =D Does anyone know when it comes out?

  41. Wow! Watching last night reminds me of how much I loved Season 2. Don’t get me wrong, it is still the best comedy of tv, and there was always something in every episode this year that was hilarious, but S2 was amazing.

  42. i echo what everyone else has written –i am currently worried about the state of my jkras obsession. i thought i was doing alright (despite the conan appearance, GQ pics, etc.), but then i read the USA Weekend Interview and that may have put me over the top…

  43. Nice USA Weekend interview. I read “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris. I want to read “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim”

  44. Tanster! PLEASE keep posting abut J-Kras, it is an obsession that must be quenched!!

    : D

  45. Wow. I like how John gets a lead role in a big studio movie and all of a sudden the “New Wave” trailer is COMPLETELY reworked to center around him… pretty funny. Not that I’m complaining… more John is never bad.

  46. i cant seem to find this “June 30-July 1 weekend:
    John Krasinski and cast of License to Wed hosts Comedy Central’s ‘SuperSensational Summer Spectacular.’” thing…does anyone know anything about it?

  47. This is freaky. I was just at this site, then went to imdb. I found a link to the blooper reel and was going to post it here before seeing that it was already added. Dang! I need to be faster :)

    And yes… Brian does rock in the bloopers!

  48. Wow, the reviews are starting to come out. The SF Chronicle was particularly scathing. On a positive note, they are generally nice about John.
    From Variety:
    Although Kwapis has directed episodes of “The Office,” and the movie does feature co-stars Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner in what amount to moral-support cameos for Krasinski’s leading-man role, none of that program’s subtle wit is apparent here. A good rule of thumb: When asking people to go out and see a truly dumb movie, it’s best not to remind them there’s a much funnier TV show they can watch at home for free.

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