1. Have a great one, Mindy! :) You’re writing is great & Kelly Kapoor is awesome! Chillax on your day!

  2. Happy birthday. You add a lot to the show. I will stick a candle in some monkey brains in your honor.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mindy!!! You’re hilarious and such a talented writer! Have a good one!

  4. I love her blog. It amazes me how she can make something so boring to me (shopping) somewhat interesting–and of course, hilarious.

  5. Happy Birthday Mindy! You play one of my favorite characters, and you are one of my (if not my first!) favorite writers :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Mindy! Thanks for continuing to write the most awesome episodes and for playing one of my favorite characters! You’re the absolute best!

  7. Happy Birthday, Mindy. I love your blog! You’re an amazing writer.

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