Happy 7th Birthday, OfficeTally!

Happy 7th Birthday, OfficeTally!

I don’t usually make a big deal out of OfficeTally’s birthday, but with this being the farewell season of The Office, I’m feeling super sentimental.

On this occasion, I want to share with y’all the very first fan letter I wrote to The Office. Back in October 2005!

This was to B.J. Novak, about one of my all-time favorite episodes, The Fire, which B.J. wrote.

From: Jennie
Date: Oct 20, 2005

Hi BJ,

Thanks for setting up here at MySpace and letting us fans interact with you!

I’ve been an avid reader of your blog over at TV Guide, found your website, which had a link to MySpace, which is how I got here. I love all the behind-the-scenes stuff that you and Jenna have shared.

“The Fire” was a brilliant episode, you should be very proud! :)

There are so many quietly hilarious lines that I usually have to watch the same episode three times to catch all of them. “‘Image is everything,’ Andre Agassi.” Hysterical.

And do you actually own a Treo? — I think I caught a glimpse of it in Ryan’s cell phone scene with Michael. The Treo rocks!

Anyway, you guys are having a GREAT second season. Looking forward to the next episode!

Take care,

Ever gracious, B.J. actually wrote me back!

From: B.J. Novak
Date: Oct 22, 2005

You are the first to quote the Andre Agassi line! I came up with it on the spot and told it to Steve and was SOOO proud of it. I thought no one noticed, or remembered the Canon ads. Glad you did!

Very happy to hear all the nice things you had to say.

The Treo is provided by the props department, but they let me use it outside too. Question: mine says I’ve exceeded the memory limit, but won’t even let me turn it on for long enough to delete stuff. If you have any tips, let me know! :)

Thanks again for writing


Four months later, OfficeTally went live, and it’s been an amazing ride ever since.

I’m going to be a wreck in May.


  1. Happy Anniversary and Thank You for every minute you’ve given to this site.

    [ from tanster: thank you! :) ]

  2. Happy Birthday OT! You do an amazing job, Jennie, and we really do appreciate it. Makes me too sad to think of not coming here everyday. It’s been a wonderful way to avoid actually working at my job for so many years!

    [ from tanster: thank you, TF, for being a longtime reader (and contributor)! :) ]

  3. Happy Birthday, OfficeTally.
    And Tanster, thank you for doing all of this for us. We’re so grateful.

    [ from tanster: thanks, mari! it’s been my pleasure. :) ]

  4. I’ve been a long-time fan of The Office and a devoted fan of OfficeTally! I’ve won a prize pack & calendar and have fond memories of director q&a and behind-the-scenes amazingness. Thanks for everything, tanster!

    OfficeTally, it is your birthday. I’m putting a chiclet on your cake. (TV or nap?)

    [ from tanster: thanks, jana. definitely tv! :) ]

  5. It is your birthday, OT. Thanks for all you’ve done, Tanster. I think you might have established a precedent.

    [ from tanster: thanks, RM, another longtimer! :) yeah, i don’t think i’ll ever watch another TV show that i am this passionate about. ]

  6. That’s so sweet! BJ actually wrote me back once, too, (back in the MySpace days, as well) and I was so thrilled. I’m really going to miss this show and the office community online.

    [ from tanster: b.j. is awesome, isn’t he? ]

  7. As Dwight would say to Officetally: “It is your birthday.”

    Thanks Jen for making this wonderful website for a wonderful show. This is probably the best website for an office fan ever!

    I have never been prouder to call myself a tallyhead!

    [ from tanster: awww, thank you! office fans are the best! :) ]

  8. It Is Your Birthday.

    Congrats! Discovered this site not too long after falling in love with the show in late ’05 (I wanna say Email Surveillance was my first) and the two have gone hand in hand ever since.

    I hope you responded to BJ and the poor guy hasn’t been waiting 7+ years for an answer!

    [ from tanster: thanks phyllis*farm, yet another longtimer! (i love you guys.) lol, how much of a geek was i, asking about his treo?! ]

  9. Michael is singing “Happy Birthday Office Tally” in his usual high falsetto voice !

    Thank you Jennie for all your hard work and diligence to keep up this site. You contribute so much time and effort, and we are grateful.

    I wish we could all join in front of one TV (and one timezone) to see the last episode together.


    [ from tanster: thanks, pam! me too. ]

  10. Quite an accomplishment to which you should be proud.

    We Tallyheads have a lot to be thankful for with OfficeTally.

    [ from tanster: thanks, lif! i love that office fans are so passionate about the show! ]

  11. happy Birthday office Tally! Glad I found this site…awesome to find big fans of The Office that I can relate to.

    [ from tanster: thank you! ]

  12. Happy birthday, Officetally! Skip around the room! Skip around the room!

    Thank you so much, Jennie, for all you do. I found this site back in ’07 when I stumbled across info for the Office convention in Scranton and I’ve been an avid tallyhead ever since. Your set visits with photos and one of a kind stories have always been my favorite part of this site and that’s what I will probably miss the most once the show is over :( Thanks so much again

    [ from tanster: awww, thank you, sbf! ]

  13. Happy Birthday Office Tally! Wishing Tanster all the best! You did a great job! You will be missed!

    [ from tanster: thanks maureen! hopefully officetally will live on… ]

  14. Happy birthday OfficeTally!
    You know, I discovered this website in like, 2010, and ever since I couldn’t stop checking it out everyday!
    You make such a brilliant work to get all office fans informed about all that’s going on with the series and its cast. I’m from Brazil, and there’s lots of fans who love the website as well here. So you should be proud too, for the seven years of this great site.

    And the fire, a BRILLIANT and CLASSIC episode. Love everything about it. You are so lucky for getting a reply from BJ. Anyway, Congrats. Keep up the good work. Brazil Loves Officetally. (and the office, haha)

    [ from tanster: so nice of you to say, thank you! ]

  15. Happy Birthday Office Tally and thank you for this wonderful site!!

    Your ice cream cake (mint chocolate chip!!) is on its way :)

    [ from tanster: yum, thank you! ]

  16. Happy Birthday OT!!
    Jennie, you have done an amazing work with this website! I’m going to be a wreck in May as well and I hope in some way OT can live on?! ;) Even if it’s just to follow all of our favorite actors/cast members/writers/directors!? ;)
    Thanks for all you do! It’s nice to have a place for all of us to talk (and relate) about the best show EVER!! :)

    [from tanster: yes, that’s my intent, that OfficeTally will still report news on our our beloved cast, writers, and staff!]

  17. I’m pretty new to the site but I wish I had come here sooner. A lot of very knowledgeable fans. I’ve been an Office fan since watching ‘The Negotiation’ in 2006 (or was it 2007?). Will be sad to see the Office close up, but I hope this community lives on. Would be interesting to see Office fans after the show ends rank all of the episodes including seasons 1-3.

    [ from tanster: the fans who contribute here are wicked in their knowledge of the show! ]

  18. Happy Birthday Office Tally!!

    Jennie, you’ve gone above and beyond to keep us Tallyheads in the loop. I really do feel like part of a community.

    I don’t often contribute, but I’ve been a daily visitor to your site since 2007. You’ve “enabled” me to feed my Office addiction.

    I’ll be soooo sad when the show ends in May!

    [ from tanster: aww, thank you, susanne. :) ]

  19. Happy Birthday! No other website has gotten me so involved from crafting out of Peeps, to making Office themed Halloween costumes to submitting videos of myself toasting JAM! Thanks for adding more fun to my favorite show. I only wish there was a P-RecTally!

    [ from tanster: omigosh, talk about the most creative fans ever! those were some awesome contests! ]

  20. Happy birthday, Office Tally! I’ll miss all of this so much (not a longtimer in terms of commenting, but I’ve been reading (?) the site for years!)! Jennie, we’ll all be crying right beside you, and I really hope the site will live on as a way to remember the amazingness of our show =) In the meantime, I’ll try my best not to bawl.

    [ from tanster: bawl away! just don’t forget to pass the kleenex! :) ]

  21. Happy birthday and thank you for everything over the years! You know I miss the DMI days…still check this site multiple times…everyday…

    [ from tanster: ah memories, the good ol’ DMI days. go Racine! ]

  22. Happy B-day Tanster! Do you celebrate with mint chocolate chip ice cream, or are you more of a peach cobbler person? lol, THANK YOU for all you have done for us fans over the years. Best fansite ever.

    [ from tanster: a little bit of both, please! :) ]

  23. Happy Birthday, OT! I plan to wear my Officetally.com t-shirt later today in your honor! Like many others have already done, I want to say a huge Thank You for so many years of dedication to the show and its fans. I was someone who didn’t start watching the show until right after Season Two had ended. I feverishly got caught up within weeks and stumbled upon Office Tally. I can confidently say that because of OT, I met one of my very best friends – and also learned of several cast appearances which were incredibly fun to attend! It has been a great ride, Jennie Tan, and if I ever get the pleasure to meet you again, the drinks are on me!

    [ from tanster: awww, always loved the story of how you met adam. glad that i got to meet you both at the office convention in scranton! xo ]

  24. Happy Birthday Office Tally!
    This was my very first fansite experience when I discovered it towards the end Season 5 of The Office. No other show has a site as involved or as amazing as Office Tally that I’ve been able to find. That first summer, I checked here every single day for spoiler updates and of course, the Survivor Polls! I also remember practically devouring all the behind-the-scenes info from your cameo in Company Picnic (still completely jealous of you, btw). In short, thanks for all that you’ve done to make my experience with The Office amazing!

    [ from tanster: thanks katie! that was a fun week. :) ]

  25. Happy Birthday OfficeTally!!

    I still remember the day I came across this website and the wave of relief that washed over me. I wasn’t the only Office geek out there. There were others. This website has had a significant impact on my Office viewing. I’ve won prizes, I’ve commented….many times. I’ve come late at night and immediately after EVERY show.

    I’ve thought a few times over the last season about the end of show and wondered what that will mean for OfficeTally.

    Tanster, you are soooo appreciated. Everything you have done is awesome. We’re the lucky ones because we have benefited from your hard work AND got to see *you* on the show. You lived the dream for us.

    I agree with Pam #10. I wish we could all sit together and watch the final episode. Because…. I will be so sad that night.

    Thank You!!

    [ from tanster: you’re so sweet! thanks for being a longtime contributor. officetally is nothing without its readers. :) ]

  26. Happy 7th bday, OT!! So young, yet so wise beyond the years :) A mighty thanks to you tanster for this whole environment – I really do think it’s part of the entire Office legacy.

    Also, Happy Chinese New Year!!

    [ from tanster: thank you, djjf! happy year of the snake to you, too! ]

  27. Wow, Happy Birthday Office Tally, and congrats Tanster for being a dedicated fan for so long. I found the Office late (they were in their 5th season), but I’ve really enjoyed frequenting this site (especially on Thursday nights/Fridays) to hear from you and all fans. Thank you for all the work and time you’ve put into making this a positive space!

    [ from tanster: thank you, bij! ]

  28. Happy anniversary!! Thank you for this wonderful site you created!

    [ from tanster: thank you, purse girl! ]

  29. Tanster…..Happy Anniversary and thanks for everything! My favorite Office Tally moments were the behind the scenes photos with you in them. You so deserved that! I will always be jealous……..

    [ from tanster: thank you, christy! ]

  30. Wow, Tanster! You have provided my first tears during this finale season. So sad to not have new episodes to discuss with Tallyheads. You are so awesome and kept me invested in the show even during summer break.

    I’m sure you are a huge reason TO has the most dedicated fans. Happy 7th Birthday!

    [ from tanster: thank you, sk. office fans are the most dedicated! ]

  31. Happy Birthday OfficeTally! Thank you for all you do.

    I found the site back in S2 when I became invested in these characters and was looking for information on the show that wasn’t smug or snarky. I have always appreciated all the behind the scenes and writer/actor input you get.

    And how cool is it that BJ responded to your letter??!!

    All the best.

    [ from tanster: thanks, bb! yes, b.j. is pretty amazing. :) ]

  32. Happy Birthday OT. I am a daily visitor, literally for a couple of years at least. I have to ask…why no mention of Steve on Craig Ferguson last night. I missed it and hoped you’d have clips today :(

    [ from tanster: you need to follow officetally on twitter. :) ]

  33. I’ve only commented sporadically on this great website, but I do believe I have visited OfficeTally every single day since I discovered it about January 2007. Thanks for adding yet another wonderful dimension to one of the best TV shows ever.

    [ from tanster: thanks, bob! ]


    Jennie (aka “Tanster”)…I appreciate how you have taken a fan site to an awesome level the way you have done…I visit this site at least once a day…Thank you for all you do for us “OFFICE” fans!

    BTW…What becomes of this site after May 2013?

    [ from tanster: thanks jjc! officetally will live on in some form or another. haven’t quite decided yet… ]

  35. What a great story! Thanks for sharing, as a semi-latecomer to The Office party, I didn’t know how the site got started. I discovered OfficeTally during the Writer’s Strike in Season 4 (“The Deposition” was the first episode I watched on its original broadcast, so I had plenty of time to catch up before “Dinner Party”). Really enjoyed all of your contests, spoilers and the great fan community here at OfficeTally. I will sing the high harmony of Happy Birthday just for you…but it will be a sad one, since the show is ending. Thanks for everything you have done for us, Tanster!

    [ from tanster: thank you, darth! it’s been super fun. :) ]

  36. You won’t be alone in May. I think many of us will be wrecks. I’m getting stocked up on tissues now!

    [ from tanster: we’ll have a collective cry followed by a group hug! ]

  37. Happy Birthday! Let’s all dance around!

    Thanks for many great years, tanster. I have not commented a lot, but I always check officetally at least twice a day. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

    [ from tanster: thank you, tt! ]

  38. I’ve watched The Office since I discovered it during the middle of Season 3 mid-way through 8th grade. I loved it instantly and before the end of Season 3 I had the first two seasons on DVD. I discovered Office Tally not long after, and even though I haven’t always consistently posted comments, Office Tally has been a great way to connect with other fans of The Office. I remember winning a prize pack back in the day and getting super excited, even though I knew it was only some mechanical pencils and post-it notes.

    Happy Birthday!
    I hope Office Tally is here for years to come!

    [ from tanster: thanks so much, iltosb! ]

  39. Happy Birthday OfficeTally!! I first found this site when you and Kath from GMMR visited the set together. I loved all the behind the scenes stuff. I don’t often comment, but I wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done for your fellow Office fans! :D

    [ from tanster: thanks cori! ah, the good ol’ days… ]

  40. Wow, that’s so long! *that’s what she said* Happy birthday! Only started coming here last year, but I’ve been coming here ever since!

    [ from tanster: yes! — i get a twss! thanks andy. :) ]

  41. Congratulations!!
    And thank you for doing an amazing job tanster.

    [ from tanster: thanks naiyc! ]

  42. A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Office Tally and congrats Tanster for all you’ve done to help us Office lovers connnect to the show and its cast and producers in such a special way.

    [ from tanster: thank you mr. bill! ]

  43. Happy birthday, fron England!!! :)

    I can’t believe I only just found this site, during the last season as well. I could have been with my fellow Office fanatics for 7 years lol!!!

    [ from tanster: better late than never. welcome! :) ]

  44. Happy Birthday to OfficeTally! Thanks very much for this great resource for the show. I don’t comment so much but I’ve been reading for the last four seasons and it has been a great accompaniment. Thanks for all the hard work put in.

    [ from tanster: it’s been a pleasure! (twss.) ]

  45. Happy Birthday Office Tally! I have loved this site ever since I discovered it years ago. Tanster, thanks for all you have done for us huge Office fans over the years! We will miss the Office, that is for certain, but we will also miss you!!!

    [ from tanster: awww, thanks amy! ]

  46. Happy birthday Office Tally!!!! If only every show could be so lucky to have a fan site as devoted as this – big kudos to Tanster :)!!!

    [ from tanster: thank you! ]

  47. I have been reading this website forever. It has long been since my Friday morning routine to head to the website, grab my favorite transcribed quote, and post it to my Myspace/Facebook/Twitter (or whatever social media we’ll be using in 2014!). The first episode of The Office I ever saw was Healthcare. I was on a Spring Break trip in high school to Washington D.C. and kept saying to myself “What is the heck is this show? Is this real? How is every one so funny?” I thought it was the most original and hilarious thing I had ever seen. I’ve loved reliving every moment of this show through OfficeTally, and I’ll be monumentally sad to see it go.

    [ from tanster: kate, i hear ya — the first time i saw michael fire pam in the pilot, i changed the channel. i thought, that was so painful. that wasn’t funny at all. it was awkward. what kind of show is this? it’s sick. okay, maybe it’s a little funny. maybe i should watch it again. ;) ]

  48. Happy Birthday!

    I’m dreading the sad day in May when the Office comes to a close too. Really gonna miss all the behind the scenes info and the passion for the show that this site brings to the table.

    [ from tanster: thanks, richard! i don’t know what i’m going to do with my thursday nights! ]

  49. Seven years at an after-hours, full-time, unpaid job is true dedication & loyalty, Tanster!! You are truly amazing for all the work you put into this site! It took me several years to muster the courage to comment ~ the seasoned Tallyheads are celebrities to me :) I’ll be grateful for the outlet OfficeTally will provide when we all go through mourning in May for the best show ever!

    [ from tanster: awww, thank you DFI! ]

  50. Will this site keep going after the office is over? Following what the cast and crew are doing (hint hint wink wink nudge nudge Tanster) and maybe a mega US/UK reunion special Where Jim and Tim, and Dwight and Gareth all come face to face and Jim and Tim come up with the best prank ever (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge Ricky Gervais). Anyway, thanks for maintaining such a fun site.

    [ from tanster: thanks, holly! yes, officetally will live on in some form or another. ]

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