‘Happy Hour’ photos

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Here are photos from The Office episode ‘Happy Hour’ airing March 25th.

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The Office Happy Hour


  1. wow, michael is NEVER boring-
    always reinventing himself, and, yet, not :D

    john & jenna look AMAZING.
    i swear, they are the best TV Couple.

  2. The second I saw the first picture of Michael I laughed out loud so abruptly I alarmed everyone in the room. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  3. Is that Isabelle in the last picture?
    Oh, and Pam’s all dolled up and pretty!

  4. No he is not rockin’ the Kangol hat! That is too much. I think we’ll be cringing quite a bit at this episode.

  5. I’m guessing that lady in green is the friend of jim and pam who michael tries to impress.

  6. LOL, Michael’s smug face with that hat on in the first pic is too funny!

    Is he trying to be seductive when he’s on the pool table in the 4th pic?


    Also, I think it goes without saying that Jenna looks amazing.

    I’m glad I don’t have to see her in a pregnancy suit anymore.


    She’s damn fine.

  7. I love the picture where Michael is knocking the drinks over. Whenever he tries to be cool, something always goes horribly wrong. :)

  8. Oh Joy! No more atrocious Pam maternity outfits. That purple check combo that she was sporting just before the arrival was hideous!

  9. Okay, I probably shouldn’t be commenting again, but here’s some speculation…

    Michael is on the pool table “seductively” (in his mind) trying to pick up ladies by singing to them. Or reciting a poem (which he will fail horribly at) or something like that. And when he’s talking to Jim and Pam he’s saying something inappropriate about the baby or about his idea to pick up women.

    Just my ideas, and I felt the need to share them here as you lovely people all share the same obsession I do! lol.

  10. Oh my goodness, that was hilarious! Michael’s outfit and whatever-he-was-doing-on-the-table-maybe-dancing? was so unexpectedly predictably hilarious. And Pam looks incredible! I like this sort of sexy-Pam thing, and she and Jim make a great team. Lastly, thank you to everyone on the show for not having Pam miraculously be a size 2 again or something like that, after people have babies they’ve still got some tummy weight. She looks great, though!

  11. I just saw a promo while I was watching SNL, all I really caught was him saying something about “Date Michael” and him talking to a girl but that was it.
    I am kind of looking forward to this episode, it should be interesting!

  12. this picture is soo funny!
    just looking at it makes my day, you can tell exactly what Michael is saying…
    and Pam looks so pretty!
    yay JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Does anybody know who the bar manager was on the “Happer Hour” she looks very familiar and hot also!

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