Help pick an icon for ‘Traveling Salesmen’

Every week, I go to the LiveJournal Office Icon community to pick an icon for the latest episode page. (For example, scroll through the Season 3 archive to see past icons.)

Would y’all like to help me pick one for “Traveling Salesmen”? — head on over to an awesome collection created by un_den_iable.

Add a comment to this post with the number of the icon you like best. Non-animated only, please.


I’ll close voting by the end of the day.

Even if you don’t cast a vote, it’s fun to look at the collection; “Traveling Salesmen” had so many special icon-worthy moments. :)

Update: Voting is closed and #14 won by a landslide!


  1. thats a realllly tough call.. but im gonna have to go with number 41.
    its funny, it shows dwight leaving, and jims in it.

    and the bobblehead is too.

  2. my first thought was 14 cuz that is just priceless, but 41 does capture it all, bobblehead included. come back soon, dwight!

  3. i dont think the one i would have voted for is there, which would be one of angelas devil look at the end…that summed up the entire episdoe for me

  4. I totally agree with fleece it out – I need one with Angela’s look while Andy is hamming to the camera. But without that, I love 6!

  5. I love 25 (girl talk) and 37 (distraught Angela) but I have to vote for 5: JAM interaction. Let it be, tanster. Please let it be.

  6. Fierce Angela from the end would be my vote if it was a possibility.

    If that’s not possible then I vote 14.

  7. Too….difficult….to….choose…!!!!!

    I’m voting for 31 because I’m currently using it in a forum and I love the way it looks! ::thumbsup::

  8. 14 and 41 are tied for my fav

    i guess ill go with >>>

    … melts ur heart a little bit, doesnt it

  9. where’s Angela’s death stare? That final glimpse of her simmering with rage has haunted me all weekend!

    as an alternative, #44, Andy gloating, unaware he’s sown the seeds of his own destruction

  10. 14 sums up the whole episode. The teaming up, Dwight before, now gone, the traveling salesmen. Great one.

  11. #43…it’s like a mini synopsis. It lets us know that Dwight is gone while reminding us of the asshat that Andy was during this ep

  12. 26 because that first shot of Karen’s new hair literally made me fall off my chair Thurs night…was not expecting that

  13. Everyone is saying 14, but then talking about the boob icon. The boob icon is actually #6, not #14.

    I pick #6 also (the boob one).

  14. i think Michael’s expression for BOOBS was hilarious with his eyebrows going up and eyes popping out in surprise, but my vote to summarize the episode would have to be #14.

    “HI. HI. HI.” lol

  15. So many good ones but I love #6. It may not summarize the episode but it summarizes Michael Scott. =)

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