Steve Jobs REALLY likes ‘The Office’

Steve Jobs (aka Fred Armisen) paid a visit to Saturday Night Live last night to tout the iPhone, and made numerous mentions of his (and our) favorite show. Nothing earth-shattering, but it still gave me the giggles.

Link: Steve Jobs on SNL

P.S. If you didn’t catch Steve Jobs’ previous appearance on SNL, here it is. The Invisa rocks!

(Videos no longer available)


  1. THANK YOU!!! I have been looking for this because it made me laugh so much last night. I have a friend who works for apple that I think will love it. It was soooooo funny! =)

  2. Ahhh, Steve Jobs/Apple and The Office…my two most favorite things in life, lol. But really, that clip was to funny, lol!! Fred really acts like Steve, hahaha.

    “It automatically calls ur best friend when you need a what-what…” HAHA! …and “How much battery life does it have? Oh 20 minutes.” LOL! Thanks for the upload!

  3. I, ummm, don’t know what a what-what is. Clearly I am very old. Can someone fetch me some tea and explain that?

  4. I’m glad that the phone is with cingular so I don’t use money I don’t have to buy one. I already have a nice iPod I watch The Office on all the time. =)

  5. I bought the season pass for season 3 when it was on sale. I used to travel alot for work so it was nice to be able to carry it with me. I don’t usually buy shows off of iTunes, but The Office is one I can’t get tired of.

  6. I also like to buy them instead of just finding various sites of downloading them to show support.

  7. i really dont want to buy the show twice i would rather have a hard copy of the show if im going to pay for it

  8. yeah I feel the same way and it was wierd when I was buying it form itunes. Like you I don’t want to have to buy it twice. I know there are ways to but dvds on my iPods but I don’t know how. Ultimately if I was only going to buy it once like you I would buy the dvd. Since I was traveling and it was on sale (i forget how much) I thought I would splurge. =)

  9. Hey tanster! I went to go watch the video again and it seems that it was taken off you tube. >.

  10. “Brian, I am old as well.

    I will guess that a what-what, in this case, is akin to a … booty call?”

    Tanster…you crack me up!

  11. But what’s booty? (JUST KIDDING!)

    Thanks for clarifying. Now it seems obvious in context.

  12. @ [email protected] (officenerd) – Hey, you mentioned you wanted this on your ipod. Well, I downloaded the video and converted it to an .mp4 file, so if you or anyone else wants to download it and put in on your ipod, here you go here

    Sorry for double posting tanster, hope that’s okay. ^_^;;;

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