1. “Thank you for your interest in booking “Here Comes Treble” for your next wedding or special event. Unfortunately, Broccoli Rob is very particular about which events we book (every group needs a diva, right?!), so we’ll evaluate your application and if we deem you worthy of gracing your ears with our sweet song, a representative from our esteemed ensemble will contact you shortly.

    Andy “Boner Champ” Bernard”


  2. When I first saw the banner during the episode that said “hear the entire song” I was pumped, because I figured it would be the entire song. I was a bit disappointed when it was only 58 seconds long, but I still love it.

  3. “A man walks down the street he says why am I soft in the middle…”

    I wish I could hear the HCT perform the whole song. :(

  4. Pubey Lewis and the News! I am in pain from laughing at those names. I am SO booking them for my next party :)

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