Hurry and vote for Dwight!

I’ve been getting multiple emails to rally the Office fanbase to vote for Dwight in the Chicago Tribune’s Redeye Character Wars.

Dwight is currently up against Dr. Gregory House of House in the Elite Eight match-up.

Go vote now! Polls close 1pm today, Chicago time!


  1. If it rejects your email at first, try again. They system’s being a little fussy, and it may need some crushed aspirin in its pudding. Gmail addresses should work.

    Come on, people!

  2. Just tried to vote and they said that the final tally was House 2100, Dwight 1600. I, like Jenna, call major B.S. – the fix was in. They changed the voting procedure halfway through the election….surprised the Republicans didn’t try that before they lost the House and Senate!

  3. Hhaha Ken. I agree!
    I voted for this last week, I believe, when Jenna Fischer put it on her blog. He was way ahead then. I think this makes the entire “contest” moot, since all the other rungs of the bracket were voted on with a different method and probably jam-packed with those little computer programs people make to put in a vote every five minutes.

  4. I can’t believe he lost. Makes me never want to participate in those things again. I do think its wrong that they suddenly decided to change how they vote. Maybe someone was mad that House was losing at first.

  5. Hey now, House is a great character. In a legitimate match-up, either one could win. However, the match-up before this was anything BUT legitimate with cheating on both sides (and I can prove it too).

    Let’s all vote for House now so that we say Dwight basically got second.

    Plus, we all know how great of a character Dwight is. We don’t need a contest to tell us that. :-)

  6. I voted last week on three different computers for Dwight and at the time, Dwight was up like 300,000 to 230,000…which either made RedEye one popular site, or there was something wrong with the tallying.

    Either way, Dwight had a huge lead, so I’m wondering if they scratched the votes and then started over…sucks…although House would have been my second vote behind Dwight.

  7. seeing as how Dwight lost, I think we might as well vote for House, so we can claim Dwight lost to the best character. right guys? :)

  8. Sorry, Michael, but my vote is going to Bauer.

    And i agree w/ OfficeFanAtWork, i love love love Dwight, but the voting was just completely off (at one point, it wouldn’t let me vote at all). I do wish Dwight won, but House is great, so i’ll vote for House now.

  9. Just because fox shows new episodes every week! Sorry NBC I love you, your my favorite but show somthing new already!

  10. They changed the voting setup due to obvious cheating on pretty much all sides of the contests. Hundreds of thousands of votes versus the couple thousand votes received this time? Come on. I’m sad Dwight lost, too, but I think they have every right to conduct their polling as they see fit. No need for sour grapes.

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