1. Oh, first comment!

    Aww…did toby get a haircut?

    I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m glad some of the cast came to support Rainn.

  2. i could not resist being the not-quite-first comment. Rainn looks sharp! and Paul…is he not the most adorable man?
    It is a rare thing, in any situation, to really enjoy those you work with and it is obvious these guys really do. that is just so great and i think it makes them all the more loveable.

  3. Yea movie premiere! Dwight looks snazzy! :)

    On a sort of unrelated note, I’ve FINALLY decided on a word that describes John K –

    debonaire:: adj. 1. courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm 2. having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air

    Oh, my debonaire Halpert!

  4. Power Rainn! and what a supportive cast; so cool of them to be there for him. Just wait until Blades of Glory comes out!
    …I can’t help but think that debonaire is an adjective reserved exclusively for the description of Fred Astaire. The definition seems so John though!

  5. I met John, Rashida, Paul, Brian & Oscar at the premiere and they couldn’t have been nicer! I swear The Office cast is the most down to earth group of people EVER. When my friend and I were leaving the theatre, Rashida started singing along to The Last Mimzy song (Hello (I love you)) that was playing during the credits…she’s beyond adorable! And John is seriously a giant…a really hot giant. ;)

  6. Thanks for the pics! I am really looking forward to watch this movie. It’s so cool the cast came out to support the movie. Hopefully, there will be more office-ites to support Jenna’s movie next week.

  7. I TOTALLY agree, super perfect-PL is so stinkin’ adorable, it’s ridic! Love to see him smile!

  8. Oh they are so supportive of each other! it’s so cool!
    I really want to see that movie. it looks very good plus Rainn is in it=D

  9. Rashida Jones is the most gorgeous person on this planet

    Jenna looks prego in the pic below

  10. I just love how close this cast is. They are beyond supportive of each other.

    Jenna Fischer continues to be my favorite person :) She’s just so friggen cute!

  11. KarentheJimSlayer-

    What a bonus to meet so many of the Office cast. Were you hoping/expecting to see them at the premiere? Also- the burning question- did John and Rashida seem to be a couple or were they all there as a big group of friends?

  12. I knew someone would ask about John and Rashida. Not that I was there, just throwing out my two cents.

    Does anyone remember that episode of Friends where Joey said that if two actors don’t have any chemistry on stage, it means they have actual chemistry offstage?

    Jim and Karen are about as chemistry less as my liberal arts degree.

    So…mystery solved.

    I like those two (John & Rashida).

    I want them to go and make beautiful babies together.

  13. This looks like a fun movie to take my 11 yr. old son to. I just hope he doesn’t yell out “It’s Dwight!” in the middle of the theater.

    Angela and Rashida look so lovely in the top pic. All the guys are adorable and Rainn looks so dashing in his suit and tie.

    Corporate Booty – In the top pic it looks as if Jenna is wearing a cape type wrap, they make anyone look pregnant. I think she looks really cute as usual.

  14. I went!!!!! It was awesome!

    I saw Leslie who gave me a big hug because he recognized me from Paley. Kate and Melora recognized me after the show and let my son cut in front of them in the looong bathroom line.

    Phyllis was sweet as ever. Angela was also so nice- I chatted with her in the lobby on the way to the bathroom before the show. Jenna said hi but she was in a hurry to get out of the bathroom. Rainn looked so handsome. He was nice in the lobby.

    I can’t believe i missed JOHN!!!! And Paul. And Rashida.

  15. threec-

    John and Rashida didn’t seem like a couple. They really did seem like just really the best of friends. They left the theatre with the group of Brian, Oscar and Paul, all smiling and laughing on the way to the after party across the street. But Oscar and his date (wife? girlfriend?) didn’t stay for the after party. When they were talking back to their car, a whole bunch of people were yelling “HEY OSCAR! WE LOVE YOU!” and he was really sweet and was like “THANKS! THANK YOU!”

  16. threec-

    oh and to answer your first question…i was HOPING to see them but I really didn’t expect to see the whole cast (minus BJ and Steve)! It was so crazy…I was waiting for my friend to come out of the bathroom and I first saw Brian come out of the theatre and then I noticed Oscar and BAM! THERE’S JOHN! AND RASHIDA! AND PAUL! It was hilarious.

    Dennis Hopper was also at the premiere, the brother on My Name is Earl with his daughter and also, Borat’s sidekick, haha.

  17. Everyone looks so lovely, as usual. Rainn looks especially handsome and congrats to him on his movie premiere. However… does anyone else think Angela’s head looks… cut-and-pasted on, or something of that sort? lol…

  18. It is seriously cool how supportive they all are of each other. Go Office cast – we love ya!

  19. Elisabeth-

    I’m with you on that liberal arts degree…

    However, I must point out that Jim and Karen’s lack of chemistry is intentional so that the audience may compare them to the virtual love fireworks which are Jim and Pam…

    so, possibly still a mystery and I think it shall remain so.

  20. Rainn looks so handsome, might I say even a little better than John?? maybe? maybe not?

  21. I’m glad that everyone seems to get along. I hate it when I love a show and the actors can’t stand each other. Kinda ruins it for me, but luckily these guys get along great (hopefully). :)

  22. Wow, this looked like a lot of fun. Considering I live in L.A., I should try to go to more of these things. Oh well!! :-)

  23. Sorry this is very much off topic.
    I was reading the Huffington Post online, reading some responses. Someone actually quoted The Office and I think they were proud of it too.
    I just felt the need to share it. :)

  24. Is this more of a movie you should see in theaters or should you rent it? As much as I love Rainn I don’t want to spend $9 unless it’s worth it.

  25. um i absolutley hope john and rashida arent together-im really not a rashida fan and really dont think shes brought anything to the show….are jenna and john close friends? i know they are friendly but i would love to know if they actually are good friends

  26. I agree with the whole dressed down thing. But what the heck, their there. It’s all good.

    Is it just me or does John always seem to be bending to the the right in all of his single pictures? Might be a stupid statement but I had to ask.

  27. KarenTheJimSlayer-

    were you able to talk to them or was it a hey/hi thing? were they approchable? was rashida in tune? or was it karen – “magic” jumpy? im intrigued since your description sounded fun

  28. Dwights tailor-

    I actually talked to them for a little bit in the lobby and on the way out as we were all walking in the same direction, about how I thought it was great they the cast came out and supported Rainn and how great their show is and blah blah, haha. Honestly, the whole running-into-them episode was all a blur because I was really shocked to see all of them there. They were extremely approachable and friendly and really could not have been nicer, especially John! :D And yes, Rashida was in tune, haha. She was singing like how you kind of sing along to a song playing in a store…or something like that.

  29. I plan to see this in the theatre when I can use my Entertainment Book coupon for $6.00 a ticket. It now costs $10.50 per ticket in Orange County. The last Rainn Wilson film that my boyfriend and I saw together in the theatre was Almost Famous.

  30. i’m so jealous of those of you who went but it sounds like it was an amazing time!!! was it in L.A or New York? i love that the cast seems so aproachable and geniunely cool!

  31. um i absolutley hope john and rashida arent together-im really not a rashida fan and really dont think shes brought anything to the show….are jenna and john close friends? i know they are friendly but i would love to know if they actually are good friends
    35 | audrey Wed. Mar. 21, 2007 at 3:23pm

    Yes Audrey, they *are* really good friends and John is secretly in love with Jenna! He’s so sad about it. It’s amazing how life imitates art…lol.

  32. Very cool how they support each other. About the comment on John leaning, usually you’ll see taller men stand to the right of the person/people they’re with because in the resultant picture, they’ll be on the left and the picture balances out better (our eyes read left-to-right).

    Plus, his “good side” is probably his right, so he’s probably told to lead with his right shoulder in photographs.

    This cast seriously rocks.

  33. I’m taking the younger sibs to see the movie, partially because I want to see Rainn, but mostly because I want to know what a mimzy is.

  34. Yes Audrey, they *are* really good friends and John is secretly in love with Jenna! He’s so sad about it. It’s amazing how life imitates art…lol.

    43 | Los Benitos Wed. Mar. 21, 2007 at 7:09pm

    You’re not funny.

  35. I work at New Line Cinema in the Special Events dept. I got to go! I met some of the cast, and yes John Krasinski. They were all so wonderful. It was my dream come true to meet him.

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