1. This Cornellian approves too!!
    Although out of all of Cornell’s separate colleges… I highly doubt he was at the Law school.. haha.

  2. I thought Andy said he went to Cornell for the 4 years and graduated on time? Wouldn’t that mean he went to cornell for an undergrad program, unless the law school offers an undergrad degree?

  3. Click “next” (red button) on the banner of the front page.

    It actually leads to a list of sound clips from “The Office” that mention Cornell.

  4. Oh my GOD. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so amazing. The Office is infiltrating EVERYTHING! Next stop: world domination! (Actually, it’s kind of starting to do that too…)

  5. How did Andy get into Cornell with a 1220 SAT score? I bet he really went to Cornell College in Iowa (which would fit more in line with his SAT) and this is something which will get exposed in an episode someday.

  6. he most likely got into Cornell because of his well off dad, that may have been mentioned in one of the eps…i don’t remember

  7. HA! ok, found it.

    @11 (John) – there was a deleted scene in one episode (don’t mention which one) where andy explains that he got into cornell because he was smart enough to have a dad who donated a building to cornell.

  8. I can’t find it. I click the ‘Next’ button and it cycles through about six people, but none of them are the Nard-dog. Don’t tell me this already got removed.

    [from tanster: you’re right, looks like it got removed!]

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