Anna’s Office set visit report

From Tallyhead Anna: “I had the experience of a lifetime when I visited the set of The Office. Thanks to my amazing husband who won an auction on OfficeTally for Brian Baumgartner’s (aka Kevin Malone) charity “Hollywood Arts,” I was able to have this incredible experience. My husband knows what a HUGE fan of the show I am and took it upon himself to ‘win’ me the visit!”

Words do not express the thrill and memories I have of the visit. Everything was EXTREMELY surreal!!

I got to meet so many of the incredible and VERY talented actors, such as Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Brian Baumgartner, Craig Robinson, Phyllis Smith, Leslie David Baker, Oscar, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Creed Bratton, Ed Helms, and Zach Woods (Gabe).

They were all so unbelievably nice and genuine; they made my friend and I feel very welcome. They are also VERY funny; some entertained us with hilarious stories!

Along with meeting many of the talented cast members, we got an ENTIRE tour of the set thanks to our “tour guide” Jackie … she was AWESOME!!

Randall Einhorn let us hold the camera (this was very thrilling!!), we got to sit in the green room and watch several of the scenes in upcoming episodes (which are HILARIOUS … as always!), ate lunch with Brian B. and some of the other cast members, visited hair/make-up/costume, and watched the amazing crew work together to make a scene look PERFECT and true to life.

Just when I think the day couldn’t get any better, Dave Rogers (the VERY talented film editor) invited us into his office … we got to see how he edits, watch some more “spoilers,” asked questions about how things work behind-the-scenes, watched some hilarious bloopers, and so much more!

The day was PERFECT in every sense of the word. The trip/visit was a chance of a lifetime and I am so appreciative to everyone on set for their wonderful hospitality! Everyone involved is extremely talented and brilliant!

After my visit I can surely understand how The Office is such a HUGE success (the #1 comedy/television show in my opinion) … due to this visit my “obsession” with the show has only increased!! ☺

The Office

More photos on the next few pages!


  1. Wow! I’m so glad they showed you a good time.

    Now, excuse me while I go mumble jealous things about this.

  2. Wow, sounds like she is describing a dream come true…looks like so much fun! Congrats!

  3. That is absolutely amazing! You are truly very, very lucky. If John Krasinski touched me, I would probably melt into a pile of goo. It is SUCH an amazing experience to meet this group of wonderful, and truly talented people. I am envious, not even going to lie :)

  4. That is so crazy cool – thanks for sharing this!
    Looks like you had a wonderful experience. Talk about once in a lifetime.

    Awesome pictures too!!

  5. I’m so envious!!! That’s just amazing! And the last picture: lucky, lucky girls!!

  6. I suppose it may not matter but I see two visitors in the pictures and it’s not clear which one is the person writing the set visit account.

    But good for you, either way. Sure sounds like you really appreciated it.

  7. Such great pictures, that is incredible you got to spend a day at The Office! I’m ridiculously jealous. That is definitely my dream, meeting the cast. I still can’t get over how down-to-earth they all seem. I like that they all seem like real, genuine people and have not let fame or Hollywood get to their heads at all. I mean, even the bigger stars like Steve Carell and J-Kras keep everything in perspective. I really admire them all for that :) Now, just hoping that I’ll someday fulfill my dream of meeting them!

  8. Thanks for sharing. So glad they gave you such a wonderful experience and memories. The Office folk really know how to treat their fans well, and it just increases our love for a talented cast and crew!

  9. Yay! Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope to one day be able to post my own set visit pics. (“I love inside jokes. I hope to be a part of one someday”).

  10. On the last page, the picture of the girls and John… The girl on the left, looks somewhat like Jenna? Just something about her!

  11. What an awesome opportunity. Glad you had the chance to go and I’m very thankful that you were willing to share!

  12. Wow!! I was doing fine until i saw the picture of you with John!! That’s amazing!!

  13. Wonderful report and photos! Thanks for sharing this! You lovely girls in so many huggy pictures with the cast…oh, how wish I could stand in your shoes!

  14. I’d like to nominate Anna’s husband for “spouse of the century” award… not only for winning this for her but for NOT going and letting her take her girlfriend instead!! haha that’s awesome. The pic with the cast is slightly more awesome… but still.

    (also I hope you framed that JKras pic and put it up next to your wedding photo Anna.)

  15. Now I’m not only jealous of the fact that you actually got to do this, but the fact that you possibly have the nicest husband alive.

  16. I’m going to visit the set in a few weeks! FREAKING OUT, SO EXCITED!! :)

    I won/bought Rainn’s set visit for the Haiti auction and me and 3 of my friends are going to go there this summer! I cannot wait and reading this made me so happy I cried! YAY!!! thank you so much for sharing!!!
    If you have any tips let me know!

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