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SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

I am posting this from my local public library, so I watched Jenna’s video without hearing what she said. I tagged this as a spoiler without knowing for sure … was I right? :)

Here are a couple of interviews with Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer (with her husband, James Gunn) at Thursday night’s Saturn awards.

Links: Rainn Wilson | Jenna Fischer and James Gunn


  1. “it may not be everything that everyone is hoping for” is basically what she says. I could take that several ways. She said she’s happy with it.

    I think that means we’ll get at least a glimmer of hope with Jim and Pam but they won’t necessarily be knockin’ boots by 9:00pm on Thursday…

  2. Those were pretty interesting, thanks for the find. I’m really excited for the finale now because it sounds bigger than the previous season finales by a large margin.

    Also, was it just me or did Jenna seem to be getting annoyed with James Gunn towards the end?

  3. tanster,

    jenna pretty much says the same stuff that others have been saying for the past few weeks. just mild spoilers.

    they totally spelled rainn’s name wrong. interesting how he now has a full on beard now compared to the stubble he had when he was on Jay Leno.

  4. Once again the ‘Big thing that happens with Jan’, this time she added ‘literally’. A big fat and depressed Jan maybe? I don’t like the idea, but it’s a literally big non-pregnant spec.

  5. Good call with the spoiler tag Tanster. If I’m interpreting this correctly, Jenna just gave away the ending for the Jim and Pam storyline.

  6. She didn’t really say anything we didn’t already know. What she said about JAM could be interpreted so many different ways.

  7. LOL

    I liked how James said it would be weird to direct an episode of the office. “where jim and pam finally do it.” haha

  8. Yeah here’s to hoping that the actors are trying to throw people off (along with writers, producers, etc.) with what is going to happen…

    Then again, that is probably just wishful thinking…

    Um…also Voltaire/tanster…the fact that Jan wasn’t in the office during beach games could add to that theory…hmm…

  9. i really think that Jan is preggers…Jenna said to take the ‘big’ news literaly and preggers is the most literal that i can take it.

  10. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! This is the 3rd time I’ve heard someone use the word “big” in describing the Jan/Michael plotline. Each time the point was made to take that word literally. There were the pregnant rumors but I never even thought of implants. Sheesh!

    That’s gotta be it. It also fits as the reason for Jan’s absence this week. No more shrunken chesticles.

  11. I love how Rainn gives nothing away, and Jenna spills all – nice…

  12. I bet it IS implants! Good job whoever guessed that one! At first I thought that was a little silly, but now it’s starting to sound like it might be about right.

  13. Didn’t Jenna say at one point she has told the writers that she would be happy with Jim and Pam not ending up together…that Jim would the guy who help Pam figure out what she really wants (paraphrasing here). The speech she just made in BG and these words about the finale remind me of that…

  14. i think she’ll be pregnant or have implants. i really like the implant idea. and it would make sense since michael mentioned that he didn’t like her boobs about 15 times. but that isn’t really something that would involve both michael and jan, so it’s probably that she’s pregnant. or maybe she just gains a lot of weight.

  15. If Jim’s not the guy, does this mean they’ll bring in a new character? Kate Flannery is screwed.

  16. Wow, I don’t know how to take the “It might not be everything that everyone wants” line. WTF does that mean?

    Ugh, this show is such a roller coaster. I go from being thrilled (finding out Rashida’s show got picked up) to now being bummed out, in a matter of minutes.

    The only saving grace is that she says that fans will be happy with it. She knows what the fans want and she knows they won’t be happy unless we’re not left with a hint that something good will happen for Jim and Pam.

    I think maybe she just means that Jim and Pam won’t be making out by the end of he episode and I’m totally fine with that. I just want the promise of more for them.

  17. I hope the “other” ending shows up on the DVD. Maybe it’s a joke ending, like the DVD for Just Like Heaven, where the characters don’t get together. Remember when characters in a romantic comedy ended up together? Good thing the Office is just like real life. Where Karen would naturally keep dating a man hung up on someone else. Hey, my office is going to the beach next week too! Just like real life. Wow, a lot of my posts are bitter sounding.

  18. It’s gotta be implants…can you even imagine where the storyline would go if Michael had a child.

  19. Sorry for the 2nd post but, wow, Rainn looks tired. Tired and annoyed at having to do an interview.

  20. *Two cents being thrown in*

    The writers/producers/cast know that not allof the shows fans are obsessed with the show as we all are and would not be happy with all of this Pam finding herself stuff. The general viewer wants Pam and Jim together. Now. Right this second. I think (okay, hope really) that that means they won’t be leaving the average fans unhappy-meaning-JAM. Does this make any sense? I swear this show is ruining my brain. :)

  21. Cara that totally makes sense. Like casual viewers not knowing where Andy went. I watch Ugly Betty, on, so it doesn’t compete with The Office for me, but I’m not a super fan. If instead of ending up with Henry, they had Betty going on some path of self realization, I would be perturbed.

  22. Someone posted earlier that they thought Jenna was getting annoyed with her husband at the end of that video. To me it seemed she was annoyed with him right off the bat! The minute she walked up she seemed sort of pissy with him and a little bit with the interviewer. Maybe she was just in a bad mood or something. But definitely by the end she was all sarcastic and snippy with her husband. Aren’t we all sometimes? :-)

  23. hhah it totally is implants!! remember what Michael said in Women’s Appreciation

    Michael: Cons. Wears too much makeup. Breasts — not anything to write home about. Insecure about body. I’m unhappy when I’m with her. Flat-chested.

    And this past episode she went “out of town” —

  24. Sigh…I can see it already. If Pam and Jim don’t make out by the end of the episode 90% of the people who come here will hate it and say it sucks, no matter how brilliant and funny the finale might be. And poor Karen…I’m 99% certain that if she was just another Dunder-Mifflin employee the majority would be sad to see her leave but because she’s dating Jim they can’t wait to show her the door.

  25. i think the implants theory is the most realistic one out there right now, but i wouldn’t bet any money on it.

    i just want karen to go away. jim and pam won’t get together next week, and i know that. but, if karen leaves then i can still have hope for JAM happening in the future.

  26. Hey! Masi Oka in the background of the jenna and james interview. Love Hiro!

  27. I dont know if Jenna was annoyed with james or just the whole scene/interviewer. I suspect this because Rainns reaction was less than thrilled as well.

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