Ileana’s visit to The Office

Ileana, OfficeTally regular and designer for industry publication Below the Line, got a chance to visit the set of The Office today to interview costumer designer, Carey Bennett.

Following is Ileana’s trip report; the full interview will appear in BtL’s September issue.

I arrived on the set around 1pm and met with Carey Bennett (costume designer). She took us to her office and introduced us to her crew. Then after talking for a bit, she gave us a tour of all the costumes. That was one of my favorite things to see!

There are a couple of racks and every character has their own area. There’s a top and a bottom and they place most of the tops and accessories on top and bottoms on the bottom.

Michael’s wardrobe: I always imagined Michael’s suits being really expensive but most of them are from Sears. Carey said they like using suits that have two buttons. That’s why they shop at Sears a lot; it’s one of the few stores that still carry suits with two buttons. Other stores have three or more button suits and she thinks that gives it more of a European look.

Jim’s wardrobe: I noticed Jim’s wardrobe had a lot of flannel ties. Carey said they want it to seem like he doesn’t really care about shopping for new clothes so he gets a lot of stuff from his dad. Flannel ties are important because they have a 70s look. But because it’s hard to find flannel ties, they have had to make a lot of them.

Pam’s wardrobe: I can’t say too much but Pam’s was interesting. There will be a few changes with her wardrobe in season 4. Very cute stuff! And, I saw her famous Keds!

Angela’s wardrobe: Her wardrobe was a lot of fun. I found out they do some of her shopping at Bebe. That made me laugh because that doesn’t seem like a store Angela would choose :)

There’s so much that goes on in wardrobe but I’ll wait until my coworker writes her article. I don’t want to spoil anything. I’ll send you a copy of the article once we publish it!

After seeing the costumes, Carey took us to see the set. Everyone was at lunch so the set was empty at the time. You were right, Jennie. Getting to see all the desks up close was great! There are a lot of little details! I’ve been on other sets but this one is different. It feels like a real office.

We met the “lighting guy” after our tour and had a chance to talk to him for a while. He introduced us to everyone in the lighting department and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at what they do. We were able to go on the set with them a few times. It was fun watching them film! I can’t say anything about what I saw, though ;)

As for the cast, I did see everyone except for Angela because she went home early. I talked to Jenna a few times, Oscar, Ed and Creed (very funny!). Jenna was very sweet and even remembered a comment I left on her blog earlier. So for anyone who doubts that she reads all of her comments, trust me, she DOES!

I had a great time. Everyone is great!


  1. Wow, she really REALLY reads her comments! No matter how many times she said it, I still thought it was something you were supposed to say (it still is). But wow, I love Jenna!

  2. I’m with you, Jennifer.

    I want to be part of ‘that special club’. I have wished for an Office Visit for my last two birthdays.

    I promise I blew out all the candles…

    Good on ya, Ileana. We are so very [jealous] happy for you! Can’t wait to read that article.

  3. Whoa, changes to Pam’s clothes for Season 4?! I think I may know what that could mean. If so, I’m REALLY excited.

  4. I’m with Jennifer and Bree on the whole visiting-the-set and schmoozing-with-the-stars thing. How can I make this happen, excluding the ways that some people have already achieved it — i.e. running a fansite, creating their own parody of the show, being related to either a cast or crew member, or coughing up 12 grand on an eBay auction (this is a college student here, so the cheaper the way the better). Wow, looking at this list makes me realize that my odds are not good. ;) Suggestions, anyone??

    Thanks for the report, Ileana! And thanks for sharing it with us, Tanster!

  5. Yay! That was great to read! Thanks Tanster :)
    I hope that means no more boring work shirts for Pam!

  6. BenA-
    eee i know! remember what happened to pam’s hair last season when she started getting happier?
    well..same thing. only with clothes.

  7. Lauren, we should just start begging!

    I’m over in Australia — basically the furtherest away you can get from the actual set, lol — cheap is best for me, too.

    Let’s begin a very intense session of brainstorming…

    Or Brainwashing — Tanster could pack us into that suitcase of hers… :)

  8. well maybe if you get involved with a magazine or newspaper like she does, you’ll get to interview people like that.

  9. thanks for the report! I agree, Lauren, sooo wish I could get a visit to the set too. *sniff* oh well.

  10. “Special Club”! I KNOW! Let’s all put our heads together so we can get in on that set-visit action! Hheheheh. That would just make my life. Well…it would certainly make my life better, anyhow. Heheh.

    I wanted so badly to visit the set of “Friends” when it was on air. Now I love “The Office” even more and I sit at my reception desk here at work and daydream about what it would be like to visit the set of “The Office.” (Sigh).

    Oh well, here’s to dreams, folks! Sometimes they come true.

  11. Glad to hear your set visit went well Ileana. I’m interested to see what these wardrobe changes for Pam are!

  12. “Carey said they want it to seem like he doesn’t really care about shopping for new clothes so he gets a lot of stuff from his dad.”

    —The attention to detail on this show is stunning!

  13. Pretty cool. I wonder if she got to see their props too. I would love to have a look at Dwights! That would be too funny.

  14. Wow, Ileana! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what changes Pam has in store for us! And add me onto the list of people who want to go on the set visit. We got to see them film for a whole day at “The Steamtown Mall” which was awesome, but a set visit would so top that.

  15. I would be willing to loot my dad’s closet to find more flannel ties for Jim if I could deliver them to the set personally. Or better yet if I could give them to him directly, and maybe, I don’t know, help him put them on…

    Just a thought…

  16. That sounds really cool! thanks for the update about the set. wish season 4 starts this thursday :)

  17. That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see what new things Pam will be wearing!!

  18. If NBC was smart, they could make some money by giving set tours during the summer when they aren’t filming. Sure, you wouldn’t have the chance to meet the cast and crew, but it would still be awesome!

  19. Wow, this makes me even more excited to visit the set than I already was. (I won the eBay auction a while back) Just wanted to let you all know we are visiting the set the week of November 12-16. There is no script yet for that week of shooting so we don’t know the exact day we are going. We probably won’t find out until a week or two before we go. Anyway, I’ll file a full report with plenty of pics when we get back.

  20. How titillating about Pam. I hope they don’t change her, tho.

    That’s hilarious about Angela and BeBe. I will now permanently think of Angela in connection.

  21. Cayce 80 – WE NEED TO TALK!!! I got to visit the set of “Friends” and now I’m practically DYING to visit The Office set, we have GOT to put our heads together!!!!

  22. Can someone please find out where the wardrobe department buys Michael Scott’s (The Office)ties? He wears the nicest ties on television! Where does the wardrobe department purchase most of them from? Thanks if you can find out and e-mail me, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Sarah P. e-mail: [email protected]

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