iPhone Wallpaper Contest

iPhone wallpaperUpdate: I’m extending the deadline one day to this Sunday, July 27 11pm PT. Because I’m not sure I’ll be near a computer Saturday night. Just a feelin’. :)

There have been some absolutely amazing designs submitted so far — check out the comments below for the links. Keep ’em coming!

Create an iPhone wallpaper of The Office

Prize: a 2009 Office Wall Calendar!

How to enter

  • Create an iPhone wallpaper (320 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall, jpg format).
  • Must be about ‘The Office.’
  • Do not include any promotional text, URLs, etc.
  • Add a comment to this post with a link to your wallpaper (you must host your own entry). A direct link to a single image only, please.
  • One wallpaper entry per person.
  • Please include a valid email address.
  • Sorry, U.S. residents only!



  • Submit your entry by July 26th, 11pm PT Sunday, July 27th, 11pm PT.

Even if you don’t own an iPhone, if you love to tinker with Photoshop and programs like that, I hope you’ll consider entering! :)

Click the next page for an example.


  1. My first attempt:


    Not a very good one because my work computer is horrible!

  2. Pamela, love yours! I am the worst at graphics. Look forward to seeing everyone’s entries!

  3. Just realized I spelled beets wrong in my entry! Oops! Feeling stupid right now. Oh well, all of the entries look great! I can’t to see all of them as the contest goes on!

  4. Haha #12!!! I LOVE yours! It looks so retro, almost comic-book like. I think it would make an awesome background.

  5. mickiethebookworm – Save your image onto your computer. Then go to http://www.imageshack.us (or some other image host), and upload your picture to that site. Then a link will be provided. Just copy/paste the link into a comment. Hope this helps! – Roscoet

  6. This is a great contest idea! I worked on my entry for a while. I hope you like it!


  7. Oops, forgot to link my entry in the comment box. I was poster #1: Link

  8. #18: hilarious! great concept!
    #24: love all the design details you added; beautiful!
    #2: great idea; makes me laugh

  9. OMG I’m seriously gonna hafta buy an iPhone just for this. These are BRILLIANT!! Great job so far you guys!!

  10. kanga, I love yours!! I just saw The Dark Knight today! #18 and 38 are my faves.

  11. Tanster, I wish you luck… I couldn’t choose just ten. And we still have 6 days!

  12. Ugh I wish I could make graphics for this contest! But no suitable software for it. I love #38 and #18. I can’t wait to see the top 10!

  13. OMG #33 is auh-mazing! I literally could not stop laughing!! I really wish I had graphic design skills…(like Pam)…so I could enter this contest.

  14. thks diapers shrute & lauren!
    but what does this mean?
    “Do not include any promotional text, URLs, etc.”

    Would mine be considered promotional text? since it’s a dark knight spoof?

    [from tanster: no, you’re fine!]

  15. I am loving all of these!

    [from tanster: me too! the creativity is blowing me away.]

  16. i agree with Pam. 48 is hilarious. i just put it on my iphone and emailed it to my fellow office obsessed friends. brown probe. lol.

  17. Wow! I wish I was more technologically savvy- you folks are super talented.

    I think my favorites are #18 and #32.

  18. These are FABULOUS guys! I’m so psyched that you guys are making my iPhone even more beautiful!
    Just a tip for those who are designing and aren’t familiar with the iPhone: In my opinion the best designs are the ones that have most of the image concentrated in the center. When you put them in as wallpaper, if you notice in Tanster’s example, the top and bottom sort of gets cut off/ hidden a bit. So even though there is great stuff going on in some of the entries, it unfortunately gets lost when you actually apply it as wallpaper. Just a suggestion…
    Keep up the great work. guys!!!

  19. These are ALL so amazing! Way to go everyone! My favorites are 38, 36, 57 46 and 59(so funny!). Good luck choosing, tanster!

  20. Hi Tanster,

    I know you said only one entry per person but I thought I’d make it anyway for the Tallyheads. You don’t have to include this one in your contest:


  21. JMJ’s #33 is dawesome
    Really CLEVER. If anyone ever deserved a Wall calendar, its JMJ.

  22. Wow all of these are amazing! I don’t know how I’m going to vote? You guys are awesome. I wish I had an iphone.

  23. i’m not sure if this will work, i don’t really know how to link, but here it is and if it doesn’t link oh well :) i love all the other one’s tho, especially thinkjay’s


  24. Dude! I LOVE the dark knight one!! so amazing:)) if it doesn’t win i will be surprised, but i like the ‘there can only be one’ thing. i wish i had an iphone:((

  25. I haven’t seen anyone with this quote, but if there has been I’ll resign mine


    This is what it looks like on the iPod Touch


  26. unfortunately my computer does not have the software to do this, but you’re right tanster the creativity is blowing me away…. my personal favorite is #49 :)

  27. You all are so talented! I have absolutely no idea how to do stuff like this!

  28. Augh, sorry. Don’t approve my earlier comment. I made some changes on my entry.

    This is my real entry. :D

  29. I love so many of these, but some of them might not work because of the slider bar at the bottom and the time display at the top. I’ve noticed this with a lot of pictures I’ve used before…they look great until you actually use it, cause the bars on the top and the bottom block and reframe the entire image.

    Number 18, I absolutely LOOOOOVE yours, but the text at the bottom might not work for this reason.

    (PS: Let’s hope Michael is Barack Obama!)

  30. speaking of would-be presidents, I made this b4 I realized we could only submit 1 entry:
    (I already submitted #38, so this one’s just for fun)


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