‘The Office’ fun and games

A few little fun items:

The Office Quiz

Link: The Office Trivia Quiz

In case you missed it the first time, I gave PARADE Magazine some updated questions for the quiz that I helped them with last year. But I know it’s impossible to stump Tallyheads, am I right?

The Office Golf GameThe Office Mini Putt Golf Game

This is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and costs $1.99. I have not played it myself, so I’m interested to hear your review!

The Office Limited Edition MouseThe Office Limited Edition Mouse Giveaway

John, former prop assistant for ‘The Office,’ wants his mouse to go to a good home, a real Office fan, and introduce everyone to his wife’s great new party site! Giveaway contest ends May 1st.

More from John:

This rare “The Office” TV show computer mouse was a gift given to the cast & crew after winning the Emmy for “Outstanding TV Comedy Series” in 2006.

“The Office” Mouse Description:

“The Office” computer mouse appears to be made out of a clear acrylic. A liquid-encased compartment contains floating shapes with the character faces and names of: Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Ryan.
Computer mouse has a right and left click button and a roller button between them.
The middle of the mouse sports “The Office” logo, loud and proud!
Never used and in mint condition with the wrapper still on the cord.
“The Office” mouse comes in an awesome storage box.

Free Office stuff for your iPhone

Did you receive an iPhone this holiday season?

Here’s how to deck it out, Office-style:

  • Get ‘The Office’ ringtone (click the link to save the file to your computer, and then double-click it to copy to your iTunes ringtones section)
  • Get an Office wallpaper
  • While you can purchase episodes of The Office from the iTunes store, you can also watch episodes of ‘The Office’ for free — as long as you don’t mind the lower quality and the fact that each episode is divided into clips. From your iPhone, go to http://m.nbc.com/iphone.
  • Lastly, my source says “expect to see some very cool Office iPhone game applications coming your way soon.” Stay tuned …

iPhone Wallpaper Contest

iPhone wallpaperUpdate: I’m extending the deadline one day to this Sunday, July 27 11pm PT. Because I’m not sure I’ll be near a computer Saturday night. Just a feelin’. :)

There have been some absolutely amazing designs submitted so far — check out the comments below for the links. Keep ’em coming!

Create an iPhone wallpaper of The Office

Prize: a 2009 Office Wall Calendar!

Continue reading “iPhone Wallpaper Contest”

‘The Office’ on your iPhone

The Office iPhone

You can now watch full episodes of ‘The Office’ on your iPhone for free!

Just go to http://m.nbc.com/iphone from your iPhone and then click the Video tab.

Naturally, playback using WiFi is highly recommended over AT&T’s much slower EDGE network.

The good news is that AT&T may soon be offering FREE hotspot WiFi to its customers, including many Starbucks locations! So you can watch ‘The Office’ while sipping your morning latte. (I tried this at my local ‘bucks in Mountain View this morning — it works!)

And hopefully more episodes will become available soon — right now it’s just ‘Job Fair’ and ‘Did I Stutter?’.

Still, it’s not a bad start …

Future Dwight helps to demo iPhone


During Steve Job’s Macworld keynote address today, he announced the coming of a revolutionary new product called the iPhone.

To show off the iPhone’s video capability, he used the cold open from ‘Branch Closing’ in his demo!

Click here to see a demo of iPhone’s widescreen video capability, brought to you by The Office and Future Dwight. (link no longer available)

I worked at Macworld myself today, and believe me, the excitement surrounding this thing was unbelievable. And yeah, the phone is FREAKING COOL.

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