Is this Mindy Kaling’s last season on ‘The Office’?

New York Magazine has a fun story about The Office’s Mindy Kaling and her love of romantic comedies, including her favorite romcom, Nora Ephron’s ‘You’ve Got Mail.’

Toward the bottom of page 1, Mindy talks about her future with The Office:

[Mindy’s] Office contract is up this year, at the same time as Steve Carell’s. “This isn’t some big scoop or anything, but I can see this season being my last. Right now, I’m hankering for new adventures…”

Link: The Funny Side of Love


  1. Eff. Success after Steve left depended on consistency with the rest of the show’s cast and crew. If the show continues at this rate, it’s going to go EXACTLY like Scrubs.

  2. @Tyler: Agreed. Maybe with more than just Steve leaving, it will be a wakeup call for this to be the last season. But I’m sure it’s more complicated than that.

  3. No Mindy, say it isn’t so! I love her so much as a writer and as Kelly. I hope they don’t start dropping like flies now or I’m going to be so disappointed.

  4. That sucks. I totally understand the writers getting bored, but I was really hoping the absence of Steven in S8 would allow for more minor character screen time, Kelly included (seriously, no more Kelly/Ryan? No more Subtle Sexuality?).

    If more key people follow suit, this is probably the beginning of the end.

  5. I really hope, if Mindy really is going to leave with others to follow, this will be the last season of The Office. And that really is hard to say.

    P.S. To Amy: I don’t think Gene and Lee are leaving. Which commentary are you talking about?

  6. Ok, No Michael, no kelly, no mindy’s writing . no gene and lee’s writing!!!!ARgh! I would love it to last forever but the worst thing is to do a series 8 and have it go down hill. I hope they know when to finish.

  7. I don’t want Mindy to leave either, but did any of you actually read that interview? Can I just say that I loved it? The charming BJ/Mindy banter, the comments about what’s wrong with romantic comedies and how we need real female conversations in movies. I’m SO excited for Mindy’s future projects and to see what she does! Hero alert!

  8. …and another one bites the dust…

    But seriously, good for Mindy. I read the interview and I loved it too. If she leaves The Office but goes on to write an anti-SATC screenplay where the women characters actually talk and behave the way women behave in real life, all will be forgiven.

    I wonder how many of the original writers and actors have to leave before The Office decides to pack it in for good…or are they just planning to replace the entire cast and crew over the next few years? IOW, it will still be called The Office, but basically be a totally different show. I’m curious about that.

  9. I feel like NBC wants to make The Office the “ER” of comedies. Hopefully it works out, but I’m really bummed if Mindy is really leaving.

  10. Say it isn’t so! I hope the rest of the cast doesn’t start packing up as well. Does anybody think that the main cast will stay past season 8? I’m not sure I can see that happening. I just hope the show isn’t “destroyed” before it eventually ends.

  11. I think the other “major stars”- (Jenna, John, and Rainn)are signed through Season 8. One season without Steve, Mindy or whoever else leaves would be fine, but anymore than that would be too much I think. If they only go through Season 8, you’ll remember that last season as sort of an after thought. If they really keep trying to go on with massive talent departures, it will hurt the legacy of the show.

  12. Writers leave shows all the time. Seinfeld lost all kinds of people to other projects, and it kept on going. Heck, even Larry David left.

    And the Office is going to go for at least 8 seasons, so people should probably stop talking about the possibility of ending it this year.

  13. I will miss Kelly and especially Mindy’s writing terribly if this comes to be. Sad just to think about. Her episodes are fantastic. I’ve no doubt it can/will continue through season 8 and do well. But once John, Jenna and Rainn’s contracts are up, unless by some chance they decided to continue, it definitely needs to hang up the towel.

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