Jenna Fischer advises middle school students

The Office’s Jenna Fischer advises students from Edward Town Middle School about bullying, acting, and life, and throws in some trivia about The Office as well.

Jenna is one of the kindest and most level-headed people I’ve ever met. I love when she gives advice about acting!

Source: We Are The Solution

Tipster: Jessie


  1. Loved this interview. So glad she mentioned the rooftop. The Client and DMI rooftop scenes are two of my very favorite ones in the history of the show. Also serious props to the boy who interviewed her. He did wayyyy better than I’d do if I ever got a chance to talk to Jenna.

  2. Jenna is so clearly awesome, but now, if I ever saw her in public, I couldn’t tell her because I wouldn’t want to disturb her, so Catch 22. That I’ll never actually have this problem is probably for the best.

  3. That was a wonderful interview. Her advice was great for all creative people, not just aspiring actors. Jenna is awesome!

  4. Wow, that was a really honest and heartfelt interview. I loved the fame quote she shared. She’s amazing :)

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