1. She was also on my other favorite TV show, “How I Met Your Mother” earlier this season. She was on the episode “Mystery vs. History,” which was its 6th episode of its 7th season. She played a girl Ted went on one date with who was seen through a flashback on the show.

    I feel a little bad for Jessica, but at the same time I’m looking forward in seeing Andy break-up with her to be with Erin.

  2. The poor gal has no speaking lines in this commercial. And as “Jessica,” she has a few lines but is given NO personality. She has more of a personality in the car commercial.

  3. Somehow I care more about Cathy than Jessica. At least Cathy-the-temptress gave me a few good laughs. Jessica is just boring.

  4. Just saw Jessica for the first time tonight. I knew that washer. Love the characters in that commercial and the one where the guy sees his ex at the class reunion. I think that’s Subaru, anyway.

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