1. Very odd that they decided to air Welcome Party after the hiatus considering it’s supposedly the last episode of Nellie’s arc.

  2. @Lizzy

    I think they had a problem in filming or writing and got really far behind, at least that was their reason for pulling out of Paley Fest, so they could shoot more scenes and try to finish the Season. They also need to burn off episodes of 30 Rock while making room for community, so any space made by the hiatus of the Office will probably be filled with another 30 Rock episode.

    /mini-rant Seriously NBC, your schedule is a complete mess, no Office, no Parks and Recreation, putting Community on Hiatus, airing more than one 30 Rock episode a week, They should be able to figure out a way to keep all these shows on a normal production schedule and in competitive but successful time slots.

  3. @#4 It’s never been a consistent number

    Season 1 – 6 episodes
    Season 2 – 22 episodes
    Season 3 – 25 episodes
    Season 4 – 19 episodes (writers strike)
    Season 5 – 28 episodes
    Season 6 – 26 episodes
    Season 7 – 26 episodes
    Season 8 – 24 episodes

  4. @Nathan,
    that’s a good theory, but the next 30 Rock episode isn’t scheduled until April 26th..

  5. If you look again, you will see that in fact, there are 24 episodes this season. And last season had 26.

  6. 4.PaperGuy,

    There are 24 episodes this year, and last year has 26. They change every year according to scheduling, production issues, or whatever the network decides.

  7. I wonder if it might be related to them taking a Spring/Easter break… they took similar time off around Christmas. Just a thought.

  8. The break is just a result of the math. The TV season runs from mid-September through mid-May. That’s about 8 months, or about 32 (or 33/34) weeks.

    Given that the vast majority of shows make between 22-26 episodes per year, it is a given that there has to be at least a few weeks of repeats each year in order to fill out the schedule. Most shows are on a mini-hiatus right now. (Take Revenge–5 weeks off right now, or Modern Family–4 weeks off right now)

  9. Yes, and the break comes now because late April/early May is “sweeps” (when ad sales numbers are determined so stations are pushing for viewership). They always try to have new content and hopefully the most important shows in terms of storyline, including season finales, airing during sweeps. This is normal – what Community had was a hiatus, but what The Office has had is really just a normal break.

  10. Considering they will finish filming for the season well before agreements are done with the cast members whose contracts are up, expect a finale where EVERYONE’S fate is up in the air…

  11. Also note that the season episode counts noted above are total half-hours…The hourlong episodes count as two half-hours…

  12. There are always little hiatus with most shows on each and every network. We just came off of 8 straight new episodes. The other shows on NBC Thursday Night line-up – 30 Rock premiered mid-season, Community had a long break between December and March, and Up All Night (ends their season at the end of April).

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