Jenna Fischer photo in Entertainment Weekly

Here are some va-va-voom photos of Jenna Fischer from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Jenna Fischer Entertainment Weekly

Thanks to Chris at MySpace for letting me post these! One more photo after the jump …

You can read the entire article over at LiveJournal, courtesy of keyser7soze.

This excerpt just broke my heart:

Fischer sometimes has a hard time separating fantasy from reality during the show’s most emotional moments. One story line — Jim’s budding romance with new co-worker Karen (Rashida Jones) — is particularly painful for Fischer to watch: “In [the Oct. 5] episode, when Jim threw that [fake] grenade and [Karen’s] paper clips went flying, that was improvised. It was so charming. The Pam in me was heartbroken.”

Jenna Fischer Entertainment Weekly


  1. Great article, adorable pictures. She’s just incredibly likeable and sweet and funny- just an all-around good role model.

  2. Great article! My favorite quote?

    “I used to make stop-motion movies like ‘Barbie Party Massacre’. Poor Barbie. She thought she was going to escape, but she got run over by a Barbie camper in the end. Ken was coming home from work and he ran over her.”


  3. I’m so glad Jenna is such a JAMer. Makes me feel like we got s/o looking out for JAM to make sure the writters don’t decide to give them a happy ending. *sign*

  4. isn’t it pretty cool how coincidental the article came out the same week of a great breakout Pam episode?

  5. Art Gould, r u serious? But I must say, she does look cute. I wonder if Pam will start sporting this new flowy-big curls-sexy kitten-yet still simple look? I doubt it. :P

  6. A contrast in photos…

    Table of contents photo: great
    Top picture: train wreck

    Not sure why, that top picture just doesn’t even look like Jenna. WAY too much makeup.

  7. Wow I can’t believe the grenade thing was improvised. It fit in so well, nice touch.
    Yeah she really is beautiful in those pics, too bad Pam can’t look that good…(Creed, Michael know what I’m gettin at)

  8. I think she’s pretty amazing.
    And I like both of the pictures, even if she’s heavy on the eyeliner in the first one. It’s a different look for her and I’m not gonna lie, it’s kinda hot.

  9. Unreal. Great article about Jenna. She is one cool chick. She may soon become “America’s Sweetheart”.

  10. that’s what you get pam! you had your chance! two chances! karen rules!

    PS. nice pics but is it just me or does that totally not look like jenna in the paper picture?

  11. Great pictures and a great article to go along with it. I think she kinda looks like Faith Hill in that top picture.

  12. Hey, why not a double-role for Jenna… Do an episode where Pam’s hot sister visits her at the office and gets all the attention; sibling rivalry kinda thing.

  13. great interview! I love how she pictures Pam, watching Trading Spaces and daydreaming about Jim…so cute!! We need to get these kids together!

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