1. oh my gosh thank you so much! I missed this interview on the radio and I was really mad. Thx for posting it!!!

  2. That was cute, as all of Jenna’s interviews are. The interviewer didn’t break new ground, but kept thing flowing nicely, unlike a lot of the podcast interviews. “got into some mischief…” spill, g’ma!

  3. Woo-hoo! I’m from St. Louis…and I’m proud that Jenna represents my city. (And Phyllis, and Ken Kwapis so I hear!)

  4. …aaaand that’s one of the reasons I watch the show…

    What a down-to-earth, biitchin’ cast…

  5. her brother in law is named Dwight? or did i hear wrong? the little kids at the end were really adorable :)

  6. yes, dwight – i was waiting for the guy to talk about how ironic it was, but never happened. her sister sounds exactly like her.

  7. Thanks for posting that…Jenna is the greatest. Has anyone seen any photos yet from last night’s ceremony?

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