1. This ~18 min interview with Jenna by a long-time local St. Louis journalist once again shows why Jenna Fischer is perfect for the role of Pam. She’s quite a person and an actor.

  2. Reporter: “Some people say that you are hot”….”I mean, you could be…with the right hair and makeup.” OMG ha ha. Is it me or are The Office people subjected to worst interviewers.

  3. wait, i’m confused. at the end of the main interview, the reporter said that part 2 would provide insight into the jim/karen relationship etc. i did not see that – is there an additional part two left to air? because part two on the website did not cover that.

    nevertheless, jenna fischer is seriously my hero in life…her awesomeness is still radiating through my computer monitor.

  4. thanks I missed this last night

    Who else from St. Louis is snowed in like me? I know Jenna is right now. LOL

  5. yeahhhh st. louis! i live there and my cousin and i were talking about going to find her last night. but we figured that would be creepy.

  6. Laura, I think they probably didn’t do a good job teasing the full interview. I didn’t hear that either.

    Did those of you who watched the full interview realize what she said about her goals for the future? Jenna wants to start a family. She said she’s not pregnant yet, but it isn’t far-fetched to imagine her in the next year or so looking like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss did for a while in Seinfeld!

    Is there a story line that could weave in a pregnant Pam? I wish her the best personally. She’s a breath of fresh air to behold! But we may have to do without her in a coming season if she’s doing the mom thing. (Can you imagine someone else at the receptionist’s desk?!)

    (The aired interview was only 3-1/2 minutes long, and can be found here)

  7. This was a pretty terrible interview. She didn’t even realize that Pam had ended her engagement with Roy. Obviously, she tried to cover it up thinking it was aired over Thanksgiving (using the Holidays as an excuse). Boo.

  8. You know I’ve always found it amazing how actresses almost always seem to work the final stages of their pregnancies (i.e., when they’re due to give birth) into their off months. That said, when and if Jenna does become pregnant I have a feeling we’ll be seeing alot of her behind the receptionists desk.

  9. talk about a terrible interviewer! but jenna was great, some new stuff, probably the best interview she’s done. hahaha, gmmr agreed! although i think she was referring to the people at alias when jenna auditioned for a role there. that’s just my guess.

  10. Hahah i thought she said, “i read somewhere that you’re not that hot”…
    God. either way…amazing. Such class. I wonder how many episodes she fastforwarded through to do this interview.

  11. I loved how they had her sitting behind a desk (a receptionist’s desk???) … that is so fitting. And also, I loved how when the phone would ring, she would say, “Should I answer that?” I was so hoping that one of those times there would be someone there and she’d say “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.” LOL!

  12. maybe if she gets pregnant in real life they can work it into the story line. like she gets pregnant, but she doesn’t know who’s baby it is… dun dun dunnnnnn

  13. That was amazing. She had such good answers to the questions and she seemed so down-to-earth, and just a nice person! I’ve never seen an interview like that before.

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