1. LOVE JENNA!!! And I LOVE this website…I am SUCH an OFFICE FAN!!!!!!!!!! ;) Especially a JAM fan!!

  2. I met Jenna yesterday at the taping and got my picture taken with her. She was so nice. I’m in the background in one of those pictures.

  3. She is so beautiful. Whether she is in jeans or a fancy dress, she is just breathtaking. I love everything about this show…the characters, the actors, this website, everything! Thank you for posting!

  4. I can only imagine what it would be like to be as pretty as Jenna is…

    If I ever find a magic lamp with a genie inside, that would be one of my three wishes!

  5. Jenna looks amazing! And I want her dress. She has THE best clothes!

  6. She’s so beautiful AND awesome, which is such a rare combination. I can’t wait to see her interview!

  7. Jenna is terribly gorgeous, and by terrible I mean it’s terribly unfair that one person has all the beauty inside and out! ;)

  8. Jenna always looks gorgeous, but these pictures? woahhhh! I *adore* both outfits, she looks absolutely and positively stunning in all of the pics… I’m losing my words…

  9. Holy Moley! That blue dress–she looks amazing!

    I predict Dave gets completely flustered when she comes out. Yowza!

  10. Jenna looks so beautiful. Great pics! That blue dress is lovely on her. Can’t wait to see her on Letterman.

  11. One of the above posters got it exactly right – Jenna is so beautiful inside and out. She looks better than ever!

  12. I absolutely LOVE Jenna. Especially the fact that she isn’t skanky but always looks fantastic.

  13. I understand that Adam Sandler taped his bit that same day. I wonder if she got to meet him.

  14. Jenna looks absolutely breathtaking and really happy – glad that she is able to do some fun, late-night shows!

    That girl works like crazy and looks darn good while she’s doing it!

  15. My friend and I were at the show and Adam Sandler filmed the first show earlier and then the second show that we were at filmed at 7pm. The first pics in the black were when she walked in and the second were from after the show.

  16. Wow, she looks great…I wish I looked that good in jeans. She’s even better looking in the casual wear.

  17. Picture 5 & 6 — I’m in the guy in the back with the brown shirt. It was awesome!

  18. Ooh, those shoes make me nervous! I give her tons of credit for wearing those after her back injury.

    If I wore shoes like that, I’d be sure to break something!

  19. jenna! looking classy and fabulous as usual! that color is UHmazing on her.

  20. She looks so pretty in that first one where she is signing autographs!! Girl crush!

  21. she looks like she walked right out of the sex and the city movie! lol LOVE the dress. she’s so adorable.

  22. maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but I was somewhat disappointed with “Letter” (as AK calls him). I didn’t think it was a good interview, but I loved the clip for Promotion. :)

  23. Jenna did a fantastic job on the Late Show. Her dress comment cracked me up – I’m thinking that future interviews with Dave will have that brought up :)

    As usual, you can see that Jenna is adored by fans and hosts alike. Yay for her one year anniversary – so glad that she is up and on her feet. Woohoo!

  24. Jenna is the best! So funny and adorable. Letterman was awful. If it hadn’t been for Jenna the entire interview would have fallen flat on its face.

  25. Aw, man. I have this AWESOME vintage Lake of the Ozarks souvenir plate that I found at a yard sale years ago. Very cute, very kitschy.

    I’m afraid it may soon have a new owner, as much as I love it.

  26. Jenna was so much fun and Letterman’s compliment about the movie was awesome. She looked so stunning!

  27. Okay, so is it bad that I’m mad at Sean William Scott for being in that clip just because he’s not Jim? ahaha. That was a fun interview to watch! I love Jenna’s stories

  28. “hey, there’s me!”, thats so awesome that you were able to see jenna!
    she seems so nice :)

  29. It is so weird when a celebrity goes on talk shows and talks about things you know and experience, like The Lake of The Ozarks. I’m from Kansas City, MO and go there all the time. I also remember when Paul Rudd was on and he talked about the Plaza, it’s strange.

  30. a) I wish I looked that good in a black t-shirt and jeans. Geez… I repeat.. that girl cannot take a bad photo.

    b) Thank you thank you thank you for posting the video of letterman! I wasn’t home last night and I’ve come to rely on Officetally to make sure I miss nothing :)

    c) #14 Matt – I will work on resisting joining that, while you resist creating it. :P

  31. Great interview! Jenna seemed to be having fun. Letterman was GREAT as usual.

  32. As we say, when vacationing at the Lake of the Ozarks, “A bad day at the lake is still better than a good day at work.” Cheers to Jenna for another great interview!

  33. this is FABULOUS!
    I like that she’s kind of jumpy and nervous, seems like such a normal person and not some big hoity toity celebrity

  34. wow! that was a really great interview. i mean i know they kinda prepare what to talk about before hand…but nevertheless i thought Jenna was really fun and witty :) she didnt seem nervous like she kinda did the first time she was on the show.

  35. My family and I absolutely GEEKED OUT when Jenna started talking about the Ozarks. It is our favorite vacation spot and seriously our second home. She seriously made our night when she started talking about all of these places we were familiar with–usually we have to explain them to people!!

  36. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel weird seeing her in a compromising position? The clip they showed would not have bothered me if it was some other girl. Pam is just so … pure I guess. I know she’s not Pam, but still ( =

  37. Haha that movie looks funny…She is so cute! and i’m glad she went with the blue dress than the revealing one.

  38. Too funny! I grew up near Lake of the Ozarks and what she said is exactly true. Everyone goes to the dam (for no reason) and I was so envious of going to Party Cove and on the party cruise when I was younger. I felt the same as Jenna did, though, after finally going. Just like comment 68, I seriously geeked out when I heard her talking about it. I thought it was a cute interview.

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