1. Jane is really tall!

    I love Jane Lynch! She’s so wonderful in all of the Christopher Guest films – I’m a big fan.

  2. That was awesome. And The Office winning Future Classic TV Show at the TV land awards. That’s insane. Congrats!

  3. My cousin, Jane Lynch, is an extraordinarily sensible, down to earth person, and is very involved in her extended family. No ‘acting’ there.


  4. Kate is quite the singer! She should do backup for Scrantonicity II on Last Comic Standing!

  5. Jane & Kate are such great talents …
    comedians, acting, singing!!
    I’ve enjoyed every minute of it all!

  6. Jane Lynch is so talented! She is such a great actress and singer – and gorgeous! I look forward to seeing her in the many films she is in this summer.

  7. I would love to see Jane Lynch on the office – she is such a natural comic and would be the perfect addition to the hilarious cast!

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