Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: Hello from NY

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated November 24, 2008:

Just when Pam got back to Scranton, I left for NY. I’m shooting a film here called “Solitary Man” starring Michael Douglas, Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito and Mary-Louise Parker. It has been a total blast!

I’ve never shot anything in New York before. Pam’s Art School scenes were all shot in Los Angeles. Did you notice how red my cheeks were in the episode where Pam learns she’s failed her class? That is because it was over 100 degrees that day. We were all bundled up as if it were fall in New York. They couldn’t keep my face from getting all red in the heat.

New York is incredible! The film put me up in a nice little hotel that is really more like a 1 bedroom apartment. I have a little kitchen and everything. I’ve walked everywhere since I’ve been in town. There is just so much to see. I saw Equus on Broadway. This has long been a favorite play of mine. Daniel Radcliffe is INCREDIBLE. It is a very dark play. It deals with themes that are not suitable for kids – I’m just warning parents in case you are planning a trip to NY and your kids want to see Harry Potter in a play. It’s very mature.

I also went to a screening of the new movie MILK. I HIGHLY recommend this movie. I didn’t know what to expect but I loved it. Sean Penn is great, James Franco too…Emile Hirsch, Diego Luna…there wasn’t a bad performance in the whole film. I think Josh Brolin should get an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Thanks for all of your nice messages about the last episode Frame Toby. Trust me – I am VERY excited to be back in the office! The scene at the end where Jim is showing me the house was so much fun to shoot. The clown painting on the wall made me laugh every time. John was being so funny about not being able to take it down. I hope they put that on the outtakes for this season. We were laughing so hard we cried. And, at the end, I improvised the line, “What about the clown”…then, if you watch carefully, John buries his head into my neck when he says “Yeah, I can’t do anything about that.” It was because he was laughing so hard. You can see me start to break right at the end too – which is why I start to smoosh my face into his shoulder. Any mention of the clown painting made us break up.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m still working on those questions from the questions blog. Sorry it has taken so long. I have less and less time at my computer these days!

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