Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: Performance Review

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated November 14, 2005:

Hello from Dunder-Mifflin!

In this week’s episode, Jan comes to the office to oversee our Performance Reviews. It will be the first time she and Michael have seen each other since they kissed in the Chili’s parking lot.

This week’s episode is directed by Paul Feig. Last week he invited the cast to his house for an advanced screening. It was written by Larry Wilmore (who played Mr. Brown in last year’s Diversity Day episode.) This episode might be my favorite so far this season. I have been quoting it like crazy. (Yes, I am that big of a nerd…I quote my own show.) Rainn Wilson has a scene where he pumps himself up in the stairwell before his performance review. Amazing. Paul Feig said that the scene that takes place in the conference room is one of his favorites of his career.

This is the episode we shot when I was sick. (See previous post for details) I am doped up on Sudafed most of the time. Sorry for that.

If you have a free second and want to really geek out on The Office, check out It’s an awesome website by one of our fans.

Here are a few more of my Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much do you improvise on the show?

Our show is completely scripted. They even write our non-verbals like, “uh”, “um”, “ah”. They often write very specific reaction moments like “Pam looks disgusted.” Our writers are amazing. Sometimes we goof around and improvise on set – mostly Steve and Rainn – and sometimes that stuff will end up in an episode. Or, they will write something like “The camera catches Jim and Pam flirting at reception.” John and I will make up some dialogue and try to be as cute as possible.

2. When will LolliLove be released on DVD?

LolliLove is a movie that I wrote and directed a couple of years ago. It is a mock-documentary starring me and my real-life husband as a wealthy couple who start a charity to help the homeless. It is being released by Troma Films in March 2006.

That’s about all I know.

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