Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: “The Client” – Behind the Scenes

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated October 31, 2005:

In this episode, Michael leaves the office with Jan to try and close a big sale. While he’s gone, I find a screenplay that Michael wrote – starring himself. Jim and I organize a reading of it with the rest of the office staff.

There is some pretty romantic stuff this week. Jim and Pam end up on the roof of the building. That was an AMAZING night of shooting. John and I had to wear a harness and ride up to the roof in a lift. It was a little freaky. (The other people got to use this old fire escape ladder but in order to protect the “stars” of the show; we had to ride up in this incredibly complicated machine.) There were just a few of us up there. The camera guys, our executive producer, the writer of the episode, the A.D. and me and John. The weather was perfect and there was a little breeze and we just sat up there, this small group of us, looking at the city. It was really awesome. It is definitely one of my favorite off camera moments so far this season.

Tim Meadows guest stars as the client Michael and Jan are trying to impress. I didn’t have to work the day they shot Tim’s scenes but I went up to the set just to meet him and have lunch. He is VERY cool. And, hilarious. I don’t want to ruin anything but if you’ve seen the promos for this episode you know that something shocking happens at the meeting.

I posted a few new photos from my vacation week. Mindy hosted a Diwali party. That was pretty awesome. I ran into my old friend Jason Segel. He’s currently starring in How I Met Your Mother and he’s really adorable and funny on the show. It’s great. Check it out.

You can also see a photo from our “Ladies Lunch” at The Ivy on Robertson. That’s Kim our hairdresser and Lisa our makeup artist! The paparazzi swarmed the streets around the restaurant to not take our picture. (Tara Reid was shopping nearby.) After lunch we bought the recent issue of Stuff Magazine and ran into Melora Hardin (who plays Jan on the show.) Small world. The girls from The Office and Tara Reid.

We are currently hard at work shooting our Christmas episode and it’s past my bedtime so I should wrap up. Thanks again for watching!

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