Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: Tonight – The Fire

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated October 11, 2005:

Tonight’s episode is called The Fire. This is because someone starts a fire in the office and we all have to evacuate. I won’t say who started the fire – that’s a nice twist.

Some trivia about this episode:

  1. It was 100 degrees outside but we had to pretend it was 70. We pretended for 12 hours a day. It got most difficult around 3-4pm. You can’t really control sweat. Oh, and all the girls had to wear tights and panty hose. Yikes!
  2. This is actually the first episode we shot of the second season. We were all really excited to be back at work. We were very chatty and hung out as a group telling stories between scenes.
  3. A giant bug lived in the tree by where we are standing. It was NOT HAPPY that we were filming by his tree. It kept landing on Angela. It was seriously huge – like the size of a hummingbird. John entertained us all day by doing imitations of the bug carrying Angela away.
  4. Mateo the fireman was hot. The girls got all giggly whenever he would walk by. He was a real fireman.
  5. B.J. Novak wrote this episode. He also wrote: Diversity Day and Sexual Harassment.