Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: Yes, it’s really me

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated October 7, 2005:

I’ve been asked if this page is really me. It really is me – Pam Beesley the receptionist at Dunder-Mifflin. Or, more accurately – It’s really me, Jenna Fischer the actress who plays Pam on The Office. I know there are a lot of pages fronted by other people but that’s not our style.

For as long as I’m able, I plan to keep up the page myself. We work 60 hours a week on the show so I should be okay. I’ve been told many times, “Wow, when we see shots of you at the computer it looks like you are really working on something.” That’s because I am. Our computers really work on the show. We have internet. So, when you see me in the background of a scene I am just doing the same thing most people do at work:

  1. Playing Spider Solitaire
  2. Playing Texas Hold ‘Em
  3. Answering messages on Myspace
  4. Emailing my friends and family
  5. Making my personal list of “things to do”

There is an awesome blog at written by Rainn Wilson in his character of Dwight. And, B.J. Novak does a blog for each Tuesday. He’s been spilling some cool behind-the-scenes stuff.

I’ll post new photos from the set soon. We love our fans! We know you are why we have stayed on the air!

This was Jenna’s first MySpace entry blogging as herself.

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