Jenna Fischer in Playboy Magazine

On rhyming her name with vagina: “The problem was I was registered in school under the name Regina Fischer, so in the first homeroom every year they would call out ‘Regina Fischer’ and I’d be like, ‘It’s Jenna.’ But one day in fifth grade we had a substitute teacher. She was going down the roster, and she said, ‘Reg-eye-na.’ So all the kids on the school bus that day called me Reg-eye-na Vagina. But that was the only time. No permanent scarring.”

On losing an Emmy: “Rainn Wilson and I refer to ourselves as Emmy-losing actors. We’ll be on set in a scene, and I’ll be like, ‘Seriously everyone, be quiet — Emmy-losing actor about to work.’ Maybe everyone should have something like that. Did you win the fifth-grade spelling bee? You can go with whatever your highest achievement is. That should precede your name at all times.”

On sharing a personal secret that is past its expiration date: “One night when I was young I came home wearing a pair of boxers, and I claimed I was at my friend Ellen’s house. I was at a boy’s house, and they were his boxers. So there. My parents can read that and ground me.”

On keeping her The Office character Pam “authentic”: “To keep Pam authentic, I’ve held back from doing some things. I haven’t had my teeth whitened. I haven’t gotten porcelain veneers. And you’ll notice other things if you look carefully. I don’t get Mystic Tan treatments, for example, or any of that stuff. I need to keep it real so Pam can always look like a believable girl, not suddenly all plasticky like a movie star.”

On making People magazine’s 100 most beautiful celebrities in 2006: “I was so tickled by that because I loved the ‘Most Beautiful’ issue when I was a little girl. I got it every year. I still have one with Julia Roberts on the cover, because I was just oh so excited. Now I think I’m going to put it in my movie contract that they have to call me ‘37th Most Beautiful Person 2006, Emmy-losing actress Jenna Fischer.’”

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  1. Yes, that picture is awesome…as always, she manages to look sexy, home-spun, fun-loving, and approachable at the same time. I’m falling in love all over again!

  2. Funny, beautiful and more importantly so smart and down to earth! Love her!

  3. I think Jenna is cute, and adorable. But lately seeing Walk Hard and Jenna as a Playboy interviewee kind of makes it harder for me to buy into her innocence on the Office as Pam.

  4. That picture is really awesome. She talks about herself as a teenager a lot in this. I wonder what she was like back then!

  5. Jenna may not be innocent, but she does a hell of a job making Pam seem like she is :)

  6. has anyone seen Kenna on Undeclared? Now there’s a not so innocent young woman.

  7. I can’t believe I’m about to write this (and mean it):

    I can’t wait to go out and buy the latest issue of PLAYBOY for the article!

  8. I am so glad that my subscription to Playboy is finally going to come in handy.

  9. She is so lovely. I would not buy Playboy for any reason, but that picture is tempting. Jenna is beautiful!

  10. I saw the words “Playboy” and “Jenna” in the same headline and I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. Then I read the rest of the headline. Great interview, but I can’t say i’m not disappointed. lol

  11. My husband saw this, and was like “Is that the chick from The Office? Seriously? She’s hot.”

    I think his opinion sums up every male’s thoughts when they see this picture.

    But the good thing about her is she’s so likeable, so even the girls think she’s funny and want to be like her.

  12. “I am so glad that my subscription to Playboy is finally going to come in handy.”

    Umm…was the pun intentional?

  13. Innocent or no, I still love Jenna. She is who she is and I respect the heck out of that.

  14. Playboy ripped this picture of Jenna. It was originally in her Aha! Moment in the Oprah magazine. But the interview was awesome.

  15. “Playboy ripped this picture of Jenna.”

    I am sure they, as any professional magazine would do, licensed it from the photographer, not stole it.

  16. Gosh, I too have a feminist desire to make myself an object of pathological male sexual obsession!!

  17. Ed – a Mystic Tan is when you go to a tanning salon and stand in a booth that sprays self-tanner all over you. It turns you a lovely orange color!! So glad Jenna doesn’t do any of those things because that is what makes her so refreshing compared to all the fem-bots of Hollywood.

  18. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, and we get the “vagina” thing all the time. I am glad Jenna didn’t have to get too used to that, aside from a small lapse.

  19. I love that she hasn’t gone out and done all of these things like teeth whitening, veneers and a Mystic tan all so that Pam will be a more believable character. I’ve always thought she (Jenna) was very down to earth and alot like us and this statement from her only helps to strengthen that thought.

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