1. I would be too freaked out and scared to talk to them.

    Jenna: Hi!
    Me: Ummm I have to go… my kitchen’s on fire.

  2. I would love to talk to Rainn though. Sometimes I wish he was my dad or older brother or something hahahaha…

    is that weird?

  3. haha.. nahh

    and youre right.. it would be soo freaky talking to them.. i wouldnt know how to carry on a conversation

  4. Oh, talking to them would be easy:

    “Um, Rainn…you, uh, remember when you were on The Office? That was awesome.”

  5. What does this mean? talking to them on the phone? or online? i’m confused.
    Don’t hate me people, but I feel like this isn’t worth that much money…

    Oh yeah and i love what “phyllis*farm” said. haha ah those skits were amazing.

  6. yeah i know. I would have a hard time formulating words. It would be awesome, but alas i am poor and can’t afford to do that, even if it is for a good cause. though I would like to ask jenna what’s going to happen with Pam and Jim or ask any of them what their all time favorite episode is…

  7. I barely recognized Rainn in that photo, he looks much different. I think his face looks fuller or something. I dunno :)

  8. wow jenna is like the queen bee and everyone else is her biotch. look ather go! its like the ketucky derby!

  9. Damn I guess who ever is ectorres84 really really wants to talk to Jenna.

    Tanster and GMMR hope you guys win!

  10. I checked the bids on ebay and Paul Lieberstein is over $100 w/ 15 bids. Rain Wilson is over $250 w/ 17 bids. And Jenna Fischer has a whopping 52 bids over $500. And they still have 9 more days to go!
    I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a 10 minute chat or I would so hit that!
    But great for the Young Storytellers Foundation!

  11. I took a quick glance at the photo of Rainn and he looks a lot like Donny Osmond….maybe it’s the black and white?

  12. You folks with the cash should try to get Paul. We here so much more from Jenna and Rainn already (and that’s great, don’t get me wrong)…but Paul might have new and interesting perspectives, information…etc. oh and yeah, do let us know how it goes if you win!

  13. um, just wanted to say that Jenna’s skype session is going for about twice as much as anyone else’s…Pam’s the best

  14. WOWW the current bid for Jenna’s thing is $630!!!! I looked at a few of the others and they were wayyy lower. It seems the Office ones are going for the most so far. It’s kind of crazy how much higher they’ve gotten up to!

  15. the office is deff. getting the highest bids =) ya! go office! i hope whomever wins posts thier convo or something.

  16. bushiestbeaver has got alot of money!! He/She won both Jenna and Paul!!! I sure hope they record it! Or better yet just invite me to make it a conference!!

  17. Would you guys happen to know how I can contact the winners? I tried the “contact member” link in eBay, but it doesn’t allow communication unless the person you’re sending a message to is a buyer/seller of an auction that you’ve listed or are interested in.

  18. Tanster: Here’s what I did- first of all you have to have an ebay account. Click on the winners name and it will take you to their profile. Underneath the picture box it has a link labeled “contact member” I click on that and it took me to a page with a box to type a message in- underneath the box it has a send button. This is what worked for me- I’m not sure exactly how you tried it

  19. Hi bubblewrap, that is exactly what I tried. When I click to send the message, I get a message from eBay saying that I can’t just send a general message to someone. :(

  20. I’m sorry but this seems like a huge rip off. I know its going to charity, but someone spent over a thousand dollars to have two 10 minute chats with Paul and Jenna? I don’t know seems kinda weird.

  21. hmm, tanster, maybe if bushiestbeaver loves the office so much as to spend over 1000 dollars to chat with them, she’ll stop by here. we should all make a post called “WHERE’S BUSHIEST BEAVER?”


  22. Anyone know the person who won Rainn’s?

    And yeah I sort of agree that it’s a rip-off. As cool as it is–they’re just people! I mean common, $700 to just TALK to someone? And they probably can’t even give you spoilers or dish anything good. Yeah i know, this sounds like I hate the Office or whatever, but it’s just SO much $$$!!! It is a charity, though, i guess. Hmm.

  23. I think it would be cool. Something out of the ordinary just to talk to someone you see on T.V. Also it is for charity so it makes it worth the 700 something. I wish I had money to do that because I mean I would come up with hundreds of things to ask and to talk about. Also I would have came here and asked if anyone wanted to ask Jenna/Rainn/Paul anything ;) Of course record it and give it to tanster ;) Only a dream though :(

  24. Hello!!!
    I am chunkimunkimom (my ebay name) and I was the one that won the Rainn Wilson chat! I am so excited. I tried to win the Jeanna chat but the beaver beat me by 10.00 in the last 10 seconds of the auction. I am working on my questions right now. I would love to let everyone know how it goes. I am hoping he will let me record the converstation so I can put it up on my myspace page.

  25. I hope we find out who the beaver is… they put up a major fight there at the end.
    People can go to my myspace page and give me their questions. I will let them know if I am going to use their question ahead of time.

  26. Yes, I am Jennie. No, I didn’t win the auction — that would be Sarah (see a few comments down).

    Sarah was asked where she heard about the auction, and she said OfficeTally. They then contacted me, but for some reason, they used my name as the person who won the auction instead of Sarah’s!

    Geez, what awful reporting …

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