Jenna’s Season 4 tease

SPOILER WARNING! Video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

This video interview is primarily about Jenna’s upcoming movie, Blades of Glory, but what got me really excited was Jenna’s mention of The Office season 3 finale! She even talks a teeny little bit about Season 4! (Nothing too spoilerish is mentioned, but the expression on Jenna’s face speaks volumes.)

The Office stuff comes around two minutes into the clip.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. New episodes can’t come soon enough.

Link: Blades of Glory — Jenna Fischer

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  1. “Pam is going to continue to speak her mind”

    This made me jump up and clap!!!

  2. Cool! Pam continues to speak her mind means that she more than likely does NOT get back together anymore with Roy. And I think it means she tells Jim how she feels.

    My prediction? The season 3 finale will end exactly how the Season 2 did, with Jim and Pam in opposite situations. Pam tells Jim how she feels and Jim ends with having to make a choice: Karen or Pam!

    Team Pam!

  3. Tanster…….

    Do you know if Mr. Carell is still writing an episode this season?? I remember before the season started he said in an interview that he should be writing another one this season. Hopefully it is the AMAZING season finale Jenna is excited about

  4. Jenna could not contain that smile

    I also love how she glanced into the camera, its like 2nd nature to her now

  5. I can’t wait to see what has her so excited. And if her smile tells ME anything, I’m going to be a very happy girl in the coming months.

  6. Is it me or did Jenna lose some weight? My first impression was that her face looked slimmer. Maybe it’s just the makeup.

    She looks smokin’ hot in this interview.

  7. Haha,I agree Tori. Actually, to show how much of an Office geek I am, her face there reminded me a little of “The Convention”. When Pam is out on her date with the cartoonist and he says something like “you know people say don’t be edgy, but I don’t know any other way”..and she restrains herself and only smile-smirks, but inside is thinking…”wow, what a tool”…..Also,I might watch too much of this show.

  8. thanks for posting that clip! took awhile to load for me too. i can’t believe i didn’t realize until now how she can turn into one of the most beautiful actresses in the world with simply her smile. looking forward to both march 30th AND april 5th.

  9. I want to say something intelligent about that clip… but instead I am just going to squee! I hope she isn’t punkin’ us ;)

    However, I will say I am not so sure about that interviewer. Jenna tells a great story about Will Arnett passing her ridiculous notes about her boobs and it was like he wasn’t even paying attention. “That’s pretty funny…” The look on Jenna’s face immediately afterward is classic.

  10. Tori – Hahah, I noticed that, too. That interviewer was such a dud. Her face dropped immediately and she very briefly gave the guy a look of disgust. She’s a great actress, though, because she quickly rebounded to continue with the interview.

  11. Tanster, thanks so much for posting this — how do you do it?? I am so grateful for these snippets, especially during this LONG hiatus. I really miss The Office and would be suffering withdrawal symptoms horribly without officetally!

    Yes, what a look on her face when she talked about the finale…. She looks so radiant and glowing – lovely person through and through. Ditto what others said about the interviewer – was he asleep?

  12. OK, that was great! They are definitely going to be dating next season!

  13. Oh yay, that made me excited! But that interviewer sucked…I thought the story about the notes from Will Arnett was funny! And god love you tanster, I could not make it so many weeks of no Office without you :-)

  14. That made my day. I agree that the look on her face says it all. I. CAN’T. EFFIN. WAIT.

    Is it April 5th yet?

  15. 13 days and counting until the new episode………
    Jenna is adorable – I am able to admit I have a total girlcrush. When she smiled that HUGE smile while talking about season 4, I screamed “YAY!”… it seems my Office addiction may get me fired…oh well, more time to watch the show :-)

  16. Just keep in mind everyone … If Jim and Pam were to hook up on the show, it would kill the constant source of will-they-won’t-they tension. So, are you sure you want that to happen anytime soon?

  17. Jenna is a great interviewee, but that had to has have been the WORST interviewer I’ve ever heard! Yes, you go into these sorts of things with pre-written questions, because you only have five minutes or whatever, but come on! She tells this hilarious story about Will Arnett writing funny notes to her, and she’s cracking up, and all this idiot interviewer can say is:

    “That’s funny.”

    Before plowing ahead with his next pre-written question.

    Come on, man…. were you listening to Jenna’s story? You have no frame of reference here. You’re like a child who wanders into the middle of an interview…

  18. The will-they-or-won’t-they tension between Jim and Pam has been going on for 3 seasons. Yes, its a major part of their dynamic and the show, but the audience can only take so much stalling and road blocks before they simply just don’t care anymore.

    I don’t know what other realistic obstacles they can throw between them that people would buy, only to hold up the notion that the show will fail if they get together.

    I have more faith in the writers than that. I think they can have them together, give the audience what they want, and still have a successful show on their hands.

  19. Wow, that interview tends to give me a little hope because I will be so much happier when this JAM misery ends, but, frankly, it only gives me cautious hope. I was full of optimism when I read her myspace blog before February and February was quite disappointing from a JAM perspective – not at all what I thought it would have been based on what she wrote. Jenna is great and she is great at promoting the show, but I’ll believe Jim and Pam are together when I see it.

    Here’s what her January blog said:
    “In officeland…our newest scripts are SO GOOD that I actually yelped during our latest script reading. When I heard the plot of our next script I gasped! I wish I could say more. I think you will be very pleased. There are lots of cringy, wonderful, funny moments. And some very touching ones as well.”

  20. Help! I couldn’t get any audio, what was exactly was mentioned?!?! I think I know, but I want to be sure :-)

  21. Awww….Jenna is all kinds of cute and adorable and bubbly in that interview.

    And I’m sure Jenna was smiling when talking about “The Office” because Pam is going to win more art contests in the future ;)

  22. Hey i dont know if its posted anywhere else but rainn wilson is on the ellen show today!

  23. My university offered a free advance screening of Blades of Glory last night and I was fortunate enough to see it. As wonderful as Jenna is, the funniest scene in the movie is the first time Will Ferrell and Jon Heder compete together at Nationals. The whole audience could not stop laughing!

    Anyway, I hope my comment isn’t too spoilerish and that I’ve further whetted your appetites for this movie!

  24. As mentioned earlier, Jenna gets excited about good scripts and storylines, and the show being good. She’s not like most of the fans on the internet, who get the most excited about JAM. So what she’s excited about here is the show being good. Hopefully that gives us some great JAM stuff, but don’t everybody jump to conclusions and just assume it does. The real good revealation here is that Pam continues to speak her mind. Only good things can come of that.

    Oh and there are plenty of ways they can draw JAM out further:
    Karen gets pregnant (that would suuuuuuuck)
    Jaren breaks up and Karen turns into a psycho, scaring away JAM from happening for a little while, or making it secret
    Pam finding another guy in the next 6 episodes
    Roy killing Jim for real (okay, least likely)
    Jim goes gay for Dwight (slightly more likely than Jim being killed)
    A supervillian (probably Andy) keeps them apart through trickery
    New Dunder Mifflin policy prevents office relationships (or NEW office relationships, saving Michael/Jan), forcing JAM apart for a little while, until they get together secretly

    Some of those could produce interesting storylines that would make Jenna smile.

    P.S. – Jenna is hot.

  25. Thanks for this link! Ididn’t see this anywhere else on my frequent Office sites! Great info – enuogh to keep me going until April 5th! :)

  26. Cousin Mose (#26),

    I thought the same exact thing. What a dead fish that guy was.

    Oh, and my comment on Jenna’s smile: one word–JAM!!!!

  27. Jenna is great. I agree, that interviewer was horrible. Reminded me of Chris Farley’s Chris Farley show on SNL, but at least he was horrible on purpose.

    Of COURSE Jim and Pam are going to get together. It’s just a question of when. The writers are going to want to milk it for as long as possible. I think they’re creative enough and have a unique enough show that they could get them together and still retain their viewers, but I don’t know if they’ll have the guts to just get them together. Frankly I’m just about fed up with JAM.

  28. As much as I absolutely love the JAM storyline, there are sooo many other storylines (Pranks, Phyllis and Bob Vance, and Dwangela to name a few) that contribute to making The Office our favorite show. I think if the writers finally put Jim and Pam together (yippee!!!) it would not at all take away from everything else that makes the show great. Getting two characters together does not mean the end of a show, and I think we should put faith in the abilities of the writers and everyone else involved to continue to make a great show (maybe even better if that’s possible!)

    As a P.S., worse interviewer ever! Way to go Jenna for being able to deflect the awkwardness.

  29. I know right? Jenna tells a really funny story about Will Arnet passing her notes about her ticking time bags and the interviewer totally blows it with his “that funny…..” answer leading to a awkward look on Jenna’s face

  30. You guys have to understand that those interviewers are only given a very short amount of time. So, the interviewer was smart to not “waste” his time reacting to Jenna’s comments and instead asked as many questions as possible. These interview are often cut up into soundbites / one question answers.

    So, it seems clear to me that by next season that Jim and Pam will be together. And, yes, it will kill the “will they or won’t they” but maybe it will give birth to a new dynamic! I have far greater faith in the writers of The Office than the writers of Moonlighting had, for example (and some stars that are … more humble).

    I really hope we don’t leave it on a cliffhanger (even thought it would bookend with last season). End with them kissing and declaring undying love. THAT would tide us over through the summer (from the JAM storyline anyway).

    Blades of Glory is going to be really funny!

  31. So excited for Jenna!!! She’s going to do so well in all of her new movies! I am so happy for new episodes and everything else coming up!

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