Jenna Fischer to star in ‘Reasons To Be Happy’

April 19, 2013

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March 13, 2013: Deadline

Jenna Fischer is making her stage debut with a starring role in the off-Broadway production of Neil LaBute‘s new play ‘Reasons To Be Happy’ at the MCC Theater in New York.

A follow-up to LaBute’s Tony-nominated Reasons To Be Pretty, Reasons To Be Happy features the same characters three years later. After a contentious break-up, Steph (Fischer) and Greg are wondering if they can make a fresh go of it. Trouble is, she’s married to someone else and he’s just embarked on a relationship with Steph’s best friend.

Previews for Reasons To Be Happy begin on May 16, the same night The Office finale airs on NBC. The play opens June 11.

Congratulations, Jenna!


  1. One thing I always admired about Jenna is that she seemingly picks projects to star in based on the quality of the script, not the paycheck.
    I could be wrong though, maybe no one offers her work, but after nine years of great acting on the Office, I seriously doubt casting agents aren’t hounding her daily with offers and scripts.

  2. Always happy to hear about what Jenna’s going to be doing next. Love the fact that she is doing a play. I really admire her for doing so many different things. I will miss seeing her every week on tv, but wish her nothing but success in everything she does.

  3. @Nathan S, I actually read recently on Deadline that Jenna and John Krasinski were among two of the most sought after actors for new pilots this season. Obviously Jenna passed on all the offers she got to do this instead. She tweeted last year that it was one of her goals to do a play, so you’re right – she’s a lady who stays very true to herself and her dreams instead of chasing fortune and fame. I think this is great news – Congrats, Jenna!

  4. Jenna gets to spend a summer in New York starring in a critically-acclaimed playwright’s off-Broadway play. Neil LaBute’s 2009 Reason’s To Be Pretty also started as an off-Broadway production, and later became a Tony-nominated Broadway play.

    This is her first major New York stage role. It’s a big deal, and a major transition. But, she’s in very good company. The male lead is Josh Hamilton, a Broadway theater veteran. This is all great news. Congratulations, Jenna!

  5. Reasons to Be Happy opens the same night that The Office finale airs, May 16th. If any fan is going to be in New York that night or sometime soon, and wants to see Jenna on stage, they might want to go ahead and buy their tickets online now. Certain nights, like May 16th, are almost sold out.

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