1. That was fun :)

    That is by far the BEST outfit I have ever seen ‘Pam’ wear to work and her hair was really cute too!

  2. Sigh. It never ceases to make me smile when I see “Pam’s engagement ring.” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Pam as season 5 rounds out another FANTASTIC year for our cast!

  3. Jenna was modest about her average estimate (75%-85%). 96% accuracy sounds pretty impressive. To see her talking in her natural tone/accent in the Office environment was a nice bonus, very charming.

  4. http://www.typingtest.com

    I think they did the irrational side of decision making. It’s tough. A lot of big words people don’t type everyday.

    2nd try for me…

    Test taken on: Saturday, February 21, 2009 4:46:10 PM
    Duration: 1 minute(s)

    Net Speed: 113 WPM (words/minute)
    Accuracy: 96%
    Gross Speed: 117 WPM (words/minute)

  5. Well, they both have me beat in typing speed. I LOVE Jenna/Pam’s blouse. I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for that in a future episode. Gorgeous color (purple is my fave)!

  6. That was the hottest typing I’ve ever seen… Jenna’s blouse: YOWZA! She looks super cute in anything.

  7. Ha! That was awesome. My skills are no where near close.

    Yep, Jenna does look great in that outfit!

  8. Best. Typing. Video. Ever.

    I guess they couldn’t have Jenna sit at Pam’s desk and have what his face sit at Jim’s desk, although his stretching routine looks like something that Dwigt would do in preparation for a contest.

    I can fly across the keyboard pretty good, but I’m sure Jenna could beat every day and six ways from Sunday.

    I agree about the outfit. Jenna looks great in the purple blouse.

  9. Got them both beat. Granted, I’d hope that would be the case as I am a medical transcriptionist.

    Net Speed: 110 WPM
    Accuracy: 97%
    Gross Speed: 113 WPM

  10. This was funny, and after watching I took a typing test… I’m 102 wpm with 96% accuracy – way better than I thought!!

  11. That’s funny – just the other day I took a typing test and scored 114 net WPM with 98% accuracy. Of course, like Pam, I do have some reception in my background, so I’ve had plenty of practice!

    Cute video! I like how they even did “talking heads” in the conference room. :)

  12. I did notice the Beach Games reference. I love it when the actors slip in things like that.

  13. Awesome video!

    My results…

    Net Speed: 97 WPM
    Accuracy: 97%
    Gross Speed: 100 WPM

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