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Atlanta’s entertainment magazine INsite talked to Jenna Fischer for its January issue:

“… I think so much of the show is about what we say when we’re not speaking. But also, like, it is a subtext show, you know? And I think it’s one of the challenges to, like, have a conversation with the character of Jim that’s very, you know, acceptable and appropriate, while all the while communicating to the audience that this is a person I have a huge crush on.”

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  1. Note to the writers: I love Jenna Fischer. Adore her to no end. But please, I beg of you, if she starts talking about the future of Jim and Pam, run in the opposite direction :)

  2. That was an interesting interview…but isn’t she working on her own movie right? I think MTV reported that a little while ago.

    I cannot take it when Jenna talks about not being attached to Jim and Pam being together forever. You’re shattering my illusion!!! I think that the writers have my back though ;)

  3. I love Jenna Fischer, she seems so down to earth. I really hope this strike ends soon! I can not take waiting any longer for that “Dinner Party” episode!

  4. i really like her response to the last question she was asked. gosh, it kinda sounds like she’s talking about her own life right there. plus its interesting to hear her take on the pam-jim relationship.

  5. I love Jenna. I really do. She’s amazing…but I like that the writer’s aren’t listening to her thoughts on the future of Jim and Pam.

  6. trust me, where she lives, people do like, talk like that, like, all the time. I was born in the valley.

  7. I think it would be so depressing if Jim and Pam just moved on from each other. I get what she’s saying, and that storyline would be great for an Indie movie or something, but not for a show that’s been playing this lovey-dovey cute relationship for the past 4 years.

  8. Well, she did say she thinks Jim & Pam will make it the end.

    And she’s right of course, that that’s the kind of thing that happens in real life . . . but that’s exactly why I need my fictional relationships to work out!

  9. I agree, I love Jenna. She’s great, smart, beautiful, a wonderful actress and nobody could play Pam like she does. BUT….I HATE when she talks about Jim and Pam only being together so that they can prepare each other for the real love of their lives.

    If we go through this whole series and those two don’t end up together…I can’t even verbalize what I would do. I guess it’s a little disappointing for me to hear her say that because I want her to be as invested in them as I am. Thankfully the writers seem to have some actual sense where Jim and Pam are concerned.

  10. Call me crazy, but I find Jenna’s idea about Jim and Pam very interesting. It could be something very unique and different than what is done in most television series. It could show two real characters that grow and change and are not your regular relationship cardboard cutouts.

  11. I wouldn’t have a problem with them not being together forever. Everything about their relationship has been realistic so far…stuff like that happens. Also, I’ve seen that pic before but DANG does she look hot.

  12. Jenna knows that Pam’s true love is Toby…you heard it here first (sarcasm mode off).

    I found the article interesting concerning the Pam and Jim dynamic. As long as the writers keeps the relationship real, then that is all I could ask.

  13. What she said about Jim and Pam- Eh. It’s interesting. I would be okay with it happening on any other show that I wasn’t so attached to. But I really hope Jim and Pam do stay together.

  14. Angelica (#7)-
    I agree on the Lollilove thing. I cringed every time I had to read Lolly Love.

  15. I really felt like Jenna is trying to reach out to me in that article……..I’m not imagining that am I? Should I follow up with her on that? Maybe I should ask my wife first ??? :-)

  16. I wasn’t expecting what she said about Jim and Pam! I basically agree with everything candicane150 said.

    Doesn’t it seem like she contradicted what she’s said in the past? I feel like I always read that she does want them to be together. Can anyone back me up on this?

  17. I understand what Jenna means about a relationship helping you to find out who you are and preparing you to find the real love of your life. But, I don’t want to watch that. It’s not like Jim could look at Pam one day and be like, “oh, I found the love of my life, it’s Madge” and she would respond “That’s great! I’m in love with Scooter” and they would giggle and part happily. First there would have to be another season of pain, and I was tired of being depressed on Thursday nights for most of season 3.
    So Thank God Jenna will never, ever write for the office!

  18. Emily:

    I think I vaguely remember her saying that she wanted them to get together, not stay together. Keeping Jim and Pam apart much longer would have been unrealistic.

    I have no proof of this though. Just thought maybe that’s what you were remembering?

    Or maybe her take on JAM changed when her marriage started failing. I know I remember her saying she and James were like Jim and Pam when they met. Maybe she’s reconsidered that relationship as she reconsiders her relationship with her husband? Just a thought…

  19. I completely agree with what she says about more being said by not saying anything. That’s my favorite part of this show…Jim/John is the best at it. In the episode where he has the party at his house and Pam is on his bed, his face and the looks he subtly give is amazing. It’s my favorite episode so far.

  20. I actually appreciate the idea of Jim and Pam not necessarily ending up together. I mean, it would be absolutely heartbreaking if they didn’t, but it would be such an unforgettable end to the series.

    …but my fangirl heart still screams NOOOOOO!

  21. I like what she said. It would definitely be interesting and different from what all other shows do, but…I mean…how can they not?

    Oh, and Jenna has said in the past that she wanted them to stay together:
    “I don’t want her to be divorced, I want her to only ever marry Jim.”

    “The truth is, I want them together. The Pam in me is pretty sure she wants to marry Jim someday.”

    I think she goes back and forth between wanting them to be together forever and wanting them to just be good for each other right now.

  22. I can’t recall when or where I read it, but I do remember reading a while back Jenna talking about how it would be better for Jim and Pam to just follow the natural course of things, and if 10 seasons down the road, we’re just not feeling Jim and Pam marriage and babies, then that’s okay.

    She’s definitely said before that she thinks it would be okay if they were just the people who helped each other figure out they wanted something better in life – but I think that was around the end of season 2/beginning of season 3. Like it would be okay if Jim was just the guy who made her realize that Roy wasn’t the one. I wish I could remember the quote better! At the same time, I think she’s also always had a lot of faith that they can/should/will make it if it stays true to the story and the characters. You can believe in both possibilities.

  23. I don’t think that I agree with her ‘idea’ on the Jim and Pam relationship but what I do 100% agree with her is the comment that the show is so much more about what they say when they’re not speaking. It’s incredible to watch the characters ‘talk’, especially Jim and Pam, and just kind of know what they’re feeling without having any words exchanged between them. That’s one of the reasons the show is so great.

  24. Found it!

    “I don’t know if Jim and Pam are ultimately meant to be together. I say this to producers all the time: ‘Sometimes that person helps you become the person that you’re supposed to be to meet the person you’re supposed to marry.’ Maybe that’s our story. And if that’s our story, that’s still a beautiful story to tell.”

    So she said basically the same thing back in March. Which isn’t to say she hasn’t said differently elsewhere, but she’s definitely not totally contradicting what she’s said before – saying that she thinks it could be one way doesn’t necessarily mean she believes that’s the *only* way.

  25. I’ve read her talk about Jim and Pam like that before. I find it pretty obvious that it was ROY who was the guy before she finds the love of her life. I guess it would be realistic for Jim and Pam not to go the distance, because relationships can definitely be unpredictable, but it would sure piss off a lot of fans!

  26. Hmm, that article is interesting, semby. I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

    I know Jenna always wanted them to GET together, and I assumed that she would also want them to STAY together. I agree that her idea for Jim and Pam would be a realistic thing for real life but…I hope it never happens on TO!

  27. i think if they did get together it would have to be on the last episode of the last season…maybe even a shot of them at their wedding….i love jim and pam!

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